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Hannah Parry
Hannah Parry
  • 1 Minute Read
  • 23rd August 2011

Stay healthy by cycling to work

According to a survey carried out by the London School of Economics (LSE), almost a quarter of the UK population now journeys to their by bicycle, having abandoned the car or train in favour of a greener method of travel.

Dr Alexander Grous, who carried out the LSE research, is of the opinion that economic, social and health factors are making a significant “step change” in the culture of bike riding in Britain.

Grous maintains that the increasing number of office workers opting for a bike over a train or car to their represents a “sustainable trend” for the first time ever.

According to research by VocaLink, this trend follows the idea that average take-home pay is now £1,212 less than it was two and a half years ago.

The LSE research also demonstrates that officers workers who frequently cycle to work require one less absence per year compared with their co-workers that travel by car or public transport.

Further to this, the report, entitled Gross Cycling Product, established that the economy is saved approximately £128 million a year by people taking one less absence.

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