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Simon O'Brian
Simon O'Brian
  • 1 Minute Read
  • 23rd July 2012

Striking behaviour

It was a case of clashing balls and shrieks of laughter when the member of Search Office Space staged a friendly game of bowls in Stanmore’s finest bowling alley.

Divided into four teams and divided even more in terms of competence, the competition rapidly grew fast and furious - complete misses mixing it up with astonishing strikes. Trick shots were also common such as tunnel balling and the occasional attempt to throw, as opposed to bowl, the ball at the pins.



Victory went to Team 1 Team 1, who won the team bowling with a team score of 656. Harriet, Ian and Maya all won a bottle of champagne.

The ultimate personal winner was Business Centre Administrator, Paul Katin who finished with a score of 169 and won the individual competition.