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Jack Cooper
Jack Cooper
  • 4 Minute Read
  • 18th November 2013

The 10 most stressful activities in life

Life can be stressful. Real happiness is an uphill struggle that takes hard work and dedication. We've collected, in no particular order, some of the most stressful activities you can undertake. We've even proposed some solutions to help you beat the burden and make the most of a rough situation.

1. Work Pressure

10 most stressful activities in life

Pressure in the workplace can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for many. Deadlines, IT issues, and uncooperative coworkers are all unavoidable ingredients in the melting pot of a stress-induced meltdown.

What’s important to remember is that much of the stress felt in the workplace is manifested by our own ambitions and drive to meet high expectations. While these feelings are positive when harnessed correctly, dwelling on them too much can lead to feelings of inadequacy and stress. Staying motivated is key, and recognising that you can only work within your means. The work you do is likely more appreciated than you think.

2. Family reunion

stressful things in life

Gathering several generations of relatives in an enclosed space with the intention of pleasant family time is often a double-edged activity. Whilst seeing Grandma after months is undeniably nice, things often turn sour quickly in these situations. Jealousy, previously submerged feelings of bitterness, and divisive opinions on personal issues are just as often associated with family outings as the jovial sharing of food and good tidings.

Just remember to keep a level head about things. Don’t take things to heart – others are likely as uncomfortable as you are. And please, don’t let Grandma drink too much.

3. Dating

stressful things in life

Dating is rough, and with divorce rates at an all-time high they’re no longer an endeavour for just the young and virile. Unwritten, never-really-determined rules seem to apply at every turn, as dating apps change and etiquette constantly shifts. Speed-dating, matchmaking apps, interfering pals (“you HAVE to meet xyz from work”) and Mum & Dad’s pressure on you to finally ‘settle down’.

It’s ok. Be yourself - somebody, somewhere, is going to be into you. When you find that person, it’ll have all been worth it.

4. Break-up

stressful things in life

The pessimistic counterpart to the last point, breaking up with a significant other is what it is: unpleasant, stressful, and life-affirming. You made it out alive! If it was doomed to fail, why harbour feelings of ill-will? Cry, get back in the gym, read a lot of good books, and get back into the world with gusto.

5. Exams

stressful things in life

Exam stress is something we all remember from school days. The late-night cramming, memorising quotations and formulas, and the inevitable desire to sneak in a crib sheet made for trying times, even for the brightest of students.

Examinations continue, for many, into adulthood. With mounting pressure on qualifications and flexible skillsets, further education and certified courses are becoming commonplace. We’re afraid to say examination stress is exactly the same in adulthood – and, while you may have a mature respect for education, we challenge you not to sack off from revision for pizza and television. Procrastination, and the subsequent guilt, is timeless!

6. Change in financial situation

stressful things in life

Financial downturn is a nightmare. Being forced to adapt your lifestyle to decreased means leads to many a sleepless night, as you consider the implications for the future. There is aid available, and there are services in place to fix the damage done by financial hardship.

Similarly, though in a way that will undoubtedly garner less sympathy, is the stress of increased financial means. Come into a large sum of money suddenly and don’t know how best to invest it? You poor thing, you.

7. Illness

stressful things in life

Sick days are a real pain in the proverbial. It’s easy to feel helpless when out of the office for an extended period – “everything will be ruined”, “I’m missing important parts of this project”, and “my inbox is going to be uncomfortably full” are common thoughts of the ailed office employee. Coupled with a stuffy nose and throbbing head, this is a recipe for stress (and sniffles).

Advice in this situation? Stop thinking so much. The world misses your contribution, but it’s more important that you focus on getting back to your healthy best. The rest of the office will thank you for not bringing in your contagious nastiness, too.

8. Getting married

stressful things in life

It’s a hard slog to achieve marital bliss, and it starts with getting the big day right. How much of the stress involved is a product of societal pressure to throw the best, most impressive wedding celebration is debatable, but regardless: you’re going to feel the panic set in.

Making sure you and your partner’s families are comfortable and catered for, speeches, champagne, venue hire, inescapable tears – it’s not easy, but it’s worth it. Marriage is the union of two fantastic people, combining them to create an awesome unit. Relax, breathe, and plan, plan, plan!

9. A new baby

stressful things in life

The gift of life is wonderful, isn’t it? Something of a miracle in itself, the entire process is considered a blessing to some, and a waking nightmare to others. The physical and emotional toll taken by the mother is undeniably intense, while those around her make hasty preparations for the new addition to the gene pool. It’s fantastic, terrifying, stressful, and the most exciting time of life.

10. Moving Office

stressful things in life

A shake-up in residence is hard enough, but when you’re forced to uproot your business and find a new area, it can be just as stressful as finding a new home. Ensuring location, space requirements, and lease terms are all correct is a commitment few can dedicate appropriate time to without it interfering with the day-to-day running of their business.

Fortunately, Search Office Space provides a one-stop, all-inclusive portal experience to save you time, money, and stress by the bucket-load.

If you need help with an office search, contact our team today.

10 most stressful activities

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