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Tammy Newell
Tammy Newell
  • 2 Minute Read
  • 29th February 2012

The Big Egg Hunt, London 2012

If you work in , you may have noticed some rather large eggs dotted around the place. Don’t worry, you haven’t gone mad - as these giant eggs are part of this Easter’s record-breaking , which aims to raise money for and the charities.

The Big Egg Hunt 2012

There are 209 hand-crafted and uniquely designed giant eggs placed around London. Each egg has been created by leading artists, architects, designers and jewellers – some to resemble a large scale birds egg, some far more abstract.

The Big Egg Hunt began on Tuesday 21st of February and runs until Tuesday 3rd April 2012. Taking part is simple; when you come across an egg, text the unique keyword which is displayed at the location to 80001. There more eggs you find, the more likely you are to win – and the grand prize is The Faberge Diamond Jubilee Egg, worth £100,000!

Big Egg Post Box Design Big Egg Beefeater Design

There are twelve zones within London where the eggs are hiding. If you work in these locations, you may have already seen quite a few of these giants eggs; if not, these are the locations where you’ll need to be hunting: , , , , , , , , , , the andBig Egg Humpty Dumpty Design .

If you happen to fall in love with one of the big eggs, there will be a charity auction after the event, meaning you can become a proud owner of one of these collectors items. Proceeds from the auction go towards Elephant Family and Action for Children.

This is a great event for families, friends and colleagues to get involved in – and it’s for two worthy causes so there’s not reasons not to! You can also become part of history, as the Big Egg Hunt hopes to break the Guinness World Record for the most participants in a Egg Hunt!

would like to wish you the best of luck if you do decide to take part in this eggciting and eggstrordinary event!