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  • 2 Minute Read
  • 07th December 2016

The Co-worker Gift Guide

Your secret santa gift is officially sorted, courtesy of Not On The High Street, Flying Tiger & Just Mustard. That’s one ticked off the present list at least!

Why is it so hard to choose gifts for co-workers?! On the one hand, we don’t want to offend but we don’t want to be seen as boring stick-in-the-muds either.

And as the gift’s likely to be opened in front of (and judged by) the whole office, we want to impress everyone involved.

Guaranteed to put a smile on even the scroogiest co-workers’ face, these gifts from Not On The High Street and Just Mustard are unique, universally appealing and won’t break the bank either.


1. Dictionary Definition Mug by XOXO

For those who love an ego massage.

Complement your co-worker and have a cheeky jab at them at the same time with this personalised dictionary definition mug.

Dictionary definition mug
£14.50 Credit:

2. Bright Idea

For co-workers who always work late.

Online retail store Just Mustard are full of bright ideas when it comes to inexpensive, quirky gifts. This simple lightbulb plugs into a laptop and can be used to illuminate the keyboard at night.

Bright idea gift
£9.95 Credit:

3. Coffee Crew

For fellow coffee fiends.

These reusable coffee cups make an ideal gift for fun-loving caffeine addicts. It keeps drinks hot and minimises spillage for those on the go.

coffee crew gift idea
£9.95 Credit:

4. Hangover Rescue Tea by Apply Me

For colleagues who like a tipple.

This refreshing white pear and ginger tea is made with natural ingredients to soothe and revive sore heads after a raucous night out. Perfect for the Christmas party season!


Hangover tea gift idea

£4.95 Credit:


5. Cool Cactus

For erroneous plant lovers.

Your co-worker won’t mind making mistakes when they’ve got these little beauties to fix them. They also make excellent low-maintenance desk decorations.

Cactus gift guide

£4.95 Credit:


6. Personalised Gift Boxed Pencils by Letterloom

For stationery festishests.

Get names and personal messages embossed in gold across these quality HB pencils (matching luxury box is also included).

Personalised pencils gift idea

£12.95 Credit:


7. Alarm clock

For the oversleeper

Give your persistently late co-worker a ‘hint-hint’ with this robot alarm clock by Flying Tiger. Bringing it back to the old school with an analogue face and that nostalgic BEEP BEEP sound.
co-worker gift guide

£4 Credit:


8. Backgammon

For those with a game plan
Engage your secret santa in a good ol’ traditional board game this festive season. Guaranteed to satisfy competitive types in every office.

co-worker gift guide

£20 Credit:


9. Disco/ crystal ball

For the office party animal/ gossip
Partying and predicting future events has never been so easy with this fun gift which can triple up as a desk adornment.
co-worker gift guide

£5 Credit:


Have you recently given or received a great gift from a co-worker?

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