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Office Freedom
Office Freedom
  • 3 Minute Read
  • 19th April 2017

The Coworking Diaries #1 - WeWork London Fields

The majority of the Search Office Space team work in a private office, yet we place thousands of people in coworking spaces every year. To get a real taste for what the coworking life is really like, I’m travelling around London to sample some of the best locations the capital has to offer. This week, I spent the day grafting in WeWork’s brand spanking new London Fields location.

Will the design-led surroundings prompt productivity and creative thinking? OR will I get tempted by the free beer on tap and end up in a stupor by 3? (The alcohol starts flowing at 2pm.)

Let’s find out...

07:45 The alarm goes off- an even more unwelcome sound after a long bank holiday weekend gadding around Berlin with friends. Luckily for me, London Fields is just a short cycle away so I get an extra 15 minutes in bed- yes! Loving the coworking life already.

09:00 My pre-workday guided tour isn’t until 10:30, so I take the opportunity to explore the area and get some lunch ideas lined up. Cycling down Mare Street, I pass the Hackney Picturehouse which is conveniently showing The Handmaiden at six- I make a mental note. I also clock Sainsburys and a few Turkish eateries that would make for good potential evening options. I’ll grab a meal deal to take to London Fields park later.

10:30 I’m greeted at reception by a WeWork member of staff who directs me to the bike lock area (secure- accessible only with a key card). By the way, it’s not your usual reception- it’s a repurposed campervan and doubles up as a bar. Another member of the team gives me the guided tour. The building is a mix of shared ‘coworking space’ and private offices behind glass walls. At the very top is a prized roof terrace where members can work or relax.

10:40-12:00 I choose my spot in the corner and set up my stuff. I’m in 'the zone' for the next couple of hours.

12:00 Weirdly, I’ve managed to work solidly without the insatiable urge for caffeine.The time has come, however, for a coffee. A friendly WeWork staff member helps me to navigate the kitchen (being used to a mere kettle, fancy appliances send me into a social panic). Turns out beers aren’t the only thing on tap- there are unlimited custard creams and bourbons too!

14:00 Decided to break for lunch, but not before nipping to the loo - and there’s nothing ‘bog’ standard about it! (Hah.) Not being able to shake the bank hol spirit, I ditch the supermarket idea and head to TXOTX for lunch, indulging in a colourful vegetable stew. Healthy and delicious. Where Broadway Market meets the canal. Meandered around London Fields for a bit.

15:00 Back to work! Lots more collaboration going on this afternoon, it seems. The person next to me shared his chocolate covered digestives - surely this is what coworking is all about!

17:30 I decide to utilise the amazing roof terrace, with its views of post-industrial east London set against a clear blue sky. Beer in hand. I think I could get used to the coworking life!

General observations:

Perpetual background music mixed with the low white noise emanating from the ‘electrical room’ was surprisingly focusing. Noticed the chairs were designed in a way that meant they made no noise when shifted.

Everyone seems incredibly focused and in good spirits. People were working collaboratively and independently in harmony. Someone did a really loud and prolonged laugh which triggered a couple of disgruntled faces, but that’s about it!

At its busiest, the coworking section was at half capacity- not too crowded.

If you see yourself working here too, call us on 0800 524 4315.

Next up… I find out what pro-working is all about.

coworking diaries

Rooftop terrace.

coworking diaries

Coworking area.

coworking diaries

Breakout space.

coworking diaries

Lunch down the road.

coworking diaries

Views of East London.

coworking diaries

Reception on opening night.

coworking diaries

Party on the terrace.