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Office Freedom
Office Freedom
  • 2 Minute Read
  • 28th April 2017

The Coworking Diaries #2 - FORA Clerkenwell

Still going on about coworking? Haven't you heard? It's all about 'pro-working' now. That's pro for PROfessional.

I decided to ditch the free beer and savour something a bit more well-seasoned this week in the form of FORA (it's plural for 'forum', by the way).

If you want to learn a little more about the pro-working concept, visit this post.


Another day, another workspace. I set off for FORA, once again on my trusted bicycle. The route itself was straightforward, however if you're cycling and coming from North London, be careful on City Road- there's no cycle lane and the cars speed past. FORA has an onsite underground car park and bike area for residents to store their wares and there's no shortage of locking stations outside the space for those paying a quick visit.

Once inside, I was greeted by a friendly receptionist and taken on a tour by sales manager Katie Clarke. She explained that FORA offers something unique; they've created a space in which style, professionalism and collaboration are given equal weight. That becomes clear to me as soon as I walk past the reception. There's an early morning lecture/ Q&A session being played out in the events area, complete with headphones and boards to optimise the speaker's voice and drown out chatter coming from the adjoining restaurant.

I'm shown the two main coworking areas which I'll be utilising throughout the day. One is a well-lit space next to large windows letting in lots of natural light, the other is a more private space with partitioned desk. I opt for the latter, and sit down to work.


Time for a coffee! As if on cue, there's a pot on the boil.

All snacks and drinks are included in the rolling monthly fee. As you can see, the treats are on the healthy side - but don't worry - I found some chocolate tidbits in another kitchen!

coworking diaries

14:00 Another late lunch break- there's something about coworking that makes it so easy to focus; it could also have something to do with the low white noise used to dissipate disruptive sounds. On a budget (it's 3 days before payday), I nip to a greasy spoon around the corner and grab a sandwich for the bargain price of £2.50. It's also good to note that residents can eat at the delicious adjoining Italian restaurant for a discounted price.


This is by fair the most relaxing coworking space I've ever been to- it has its very own 'relaxation' / library area on the lower ground floor. Even the books on the shelves encourage wellbeing- you'll find editions on yoga, mindfulness, zen, the works.

I grab the prime spot on the sofa and begin the afternoon's work, trying hard not to fall asleep.

coworking diaries

The library offers a quiet, meditative place to work.


Home time! I change back into my cycling gear, making use of the luxurious changing room with its range of fancy soaps and hand creams.

coworking diaries

The event space can be hired by non-residents too.

coworking diaries

A room suitable for a larger team.

To arrange a viewing at this location, give our team a call on 0800 524 4315.


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