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Office Freedom
Office Freedom
  • 2 Minute Read
  • 10th May 2017

The Coworking Diaries #4 - Spaces Oxford Street

For this weeks' installment of The Coworking Diaries , I pay a visit to Spaces, situated just off Oxford Street in Fizrovia.

The rich aroma of fresh coffee, the instantly recognisable voice of Johnny Cash and the friendly face of Community Manager Shakeel: all of these combine to make my welcome to Spaces near Oxford Street a warm one.

Managing to secure a prime spot near the cafe (below), I unpacked all the tools I needed for the day’s work and connected to the WiFi - which, by the way, comes with a complimentary compliment! Although on first glance Spaces looks like any other typical coworking space with its neutral colour scheme, Scandinavian design influence and free snacks (even the reception sports a bowl of starbursts), you soon come to realise its true individuality is revealed in the details.

One such detail appears on each deskspace, which come with a pot of pencils and mini stacks of paper, ideal for disorganised people like myself!

coworking diaries

Why thank you!

coworking diaries

coworking diaries

There seems to be a lot of collaboration going on in the space: teams of four or five work together on larger desks and pairs engage in discussions throughout the building. The interior is cleverly designed to facilitate different styles of working. Smaller desks are able to accommodate up to two people and there are larger bench desks for teams or individuals to work at. All have plug sockets for laptops, of course.

As you make your way around the south side of the building, the type of space begins to diversify. Meeting rooms are added to the mix, as well as private work booths (giant, call-encompassing chairs with plug sockets and a table), sound-proof phone rooms and at the very back of the floor, a library.

The most on-trend room in a coworking space these days tends to be the library. That said, they’re not so much designed for reading as they are for working quietly on a laptop.

FORA’s library offered a cosy cabin-like feel, this one is filled with natural light and contains three large workbenches.

coworking diaries

The onsite cafe, strategically positioned in the middle of the space, offers a whole range of snacks - healthy and not so healthy- as well as a choice of two main meals. I opt for the tasty looking tagine which is on the house for me (thanks Shakeel). For occupiers, food is half price.

coworking diaries

This seems to be by far the busiest coworking space I’ve spent the day at so far. By the early afternoon I struggled to find a seat. No matter - I retreat to the library to engage my brain in some silent, independent work. It's just me and one other person in there for the whole afternoon, which is indicative of just how much collaboration goes on in this location.

To arrange a tour at Spaces on Oxford Street, contact our team today!

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