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Joseph Lofthouse
Joseph Lofthouse
  • 2 Minute Read
  • 11th February 2015

The essential features for your next work space


Whether you are a business owner looking to move to another office in order to increase productivity and help your employees to do better work, or are self-employed and making the decision to find an office space, there are a few things you should be thinking about before completing your move. Especially after the technical details have been ironed out, any work space needs to be carefully thought out and contain all of the features that you need to help you to be more productive and to enjoy your working day that much more. Here are some of the features that you might want to look out for when searching for office space.


Good lighting

To an extent you can bring this with you, ensuring that desks have their own light source such as a lamp and so on, but you should make sure that all of the lights are on when you are looking around so that you can assess what this light would be like to work under. There should be plenty of daylight throughout the day, as this helps to make people feel more awake and to be more productive, and then you want to avoid sterile strip lighting after the sun goes down as it can be very wearing on the eyes.


Quality office furniture

Some offices will be offered unfurnished so that you can bring your own office furniture, but it will be easier and more cost effective for you to pick an office space which is fully furnished and has everything you need to get your business up and running from here within moments. Look for an office space that has ergonomic, attractive office furniture, which gives an excellent first impression to clients, and makes employees more comfortable as they work.


Great view

This is more down to the location than anything else, so you should be looking for an office space which is in a place that you would enjoy looking out over. Windows facing a brick wall are unlikely to do anything but make employees feel trapped and unhappy day to day, so choose an office which is higher up and faces the sky, an attractive view or even a body of water.


Great Colour

We’ll be covering this in more detail in another article this month. But until then, bear in mind how colour affects the workspace and just how much can be gained from different tones. This can also be very effective in making the most of point 1 of this article, white walls might reflect the most light but it may not be a pleasant lighting environment.


Interesting, useful space

The final point may sound obvious but it is essential, It doesn’t matter how funky the room is if you can’t fit what you need into it. Finding a space that is aesthetically pleasing is all well and good, but actually balancing your business requirements with an interesting environment can be a challenge. Look for a space that will suit your clients and your staff simultaneously. It’s no good opting for the crazy coworking space with the slide and the hammock meeting room, if your typical clientele are seeking legal representation from you. If you only ever meet clients out of the office then maybe you can invest in a space that is a little bit off the wall.

(Moving can be a stressfull experience, so remember, there’s always the hassle free option of using an office search consultant, such as ourselves at SOS to doall the leg work for you to find just what you require It’s not cheating, I promise!)