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Hannah Parry
Hannah Parry
  • 1 Minute Read
  • 17th May 2012

The Global Workspace Association, executive centers in the USA, and "Advancing Workspace-as-a-service."

Search Office Space’s US Senior VP, Daniel Soffer, who is in charge of , thinks that the Global Workspace Association is a fantastic investment for businesses to make use of shared resources, and has consequently signed up.

The Global Workspace Association is a worthwhile organisation which partners with a variety of business people in order to present to the public and the real estate industry workspace-as-a-service. Their focus is on helping their members run a successful business and develop their individual services, and therefore The Global Workspace Association works hard to unite those providing a workspace-as-a-service and give them all access to valuable resources.

Members have the chance to escape office life and attend fantastic meetings and trade shows within the industry which help them build up contacts and network with colleagues from a variety of global locations. Becoming a member is easy and beneficial as the meetings and opportunities are a guaranteed business investment.

Search Office Space’s sees this as a great opportunity, especially for businesses with executive centers in the USA to make use of shared resources in order to develop business, and would encourage other businesses to sign up!

For information on quality centers in the USA, call Search Office Space now on +1 877-208-2911 to discuss your requirements.