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Clare Hudson
Clare Hudson
  • 1 Minute Read
  • 06th July 2011

The Green Tower, Sweden- Gothenburg’s most sustainable property

The recently refurbished, Green Tower Office Center in Gothenburg, Sweden has become the city’s first property to receive a LEED (International environmental rating system) Platinum rating.

This highly sustainable business centre comprises of 25, 000 sq m of office space, spread out over 17 floors, almost half of which are taken up by the multinational construction and development company, Skanska. As much as 80% of the property has already been leased.

Some of the Green Tower environmental solutions include, low water use in all fixtures, locally produced wind power and district heating, a green roof which absorbs water and an efficient low-energy air handling system. Those working here also benefit from lots of daylight and pleasant working views from all workplaces.

Gösta Backmark, project manager at Skanska Project Development Nordic said: "We are proud of this accomplishment. When we acquired the land and started developing the project in 2004, LEED was not targeted specifically. Still, most of what we have done has proved right. So, when we decided to turn up the green volume and go for LEED Platinum.”

It also seems that the Green Tower won’t be one of a kind. Gothenburg’s environmental councillor, Kia Andreasson commented at the Green Tower opening, “We want Gothenburg to be the world's leading green city!

Source: Taking green to a higher level