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Office Freedom
Office Freedom
  • 1 Minute Read
  • 28th October 2008

The most flexible way of renting an office: Hot desking

Hot-desking is rising in popularity across the major UK cities such as London, Manchester and Birmingham, but also now in smaller towns in the UK, in respond to the increasing demand of more flexibility for office rentals.

The larger UK cities have a large range of serviced office space to offer and can easily fulfil all business requirements. However, it gets very difficult to find as much flexibility in smaller towns, due to a smaller choice of operators. Some UK business centres located in small towns have seen this gap in the market as an opportunity to launch a great hot desking campaign.

An increasing number of business centres are now offering hot desking suites services. This means that any businesses in need of office space, telephone and a wireless internet connection to rent on an hourly or daily basis, will not have to go to the nearest city anymore, but can actually find it in their own or surrounding towns.

This is now the case in Colburn, in Richmondshire. This business centre is now offering a hot desking service for only £5 per hour. So whether you mainly work “on the road” and need somewhere to check your emails or if you work from home and just need some quiet time and space, this service is definitely the option for you to consider. The business centre operator offers a unique environment, with quality office space, meeting and conference rooms, virtual office space, hot desking and administrative support on site.

Should you want to find out more or find hot desking and serviced office space near you, please contact SOS > Search Office Space on 0800 740 8080 or email [email protected].

Written by Emily Mouquot, Marketing Director.