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Georgia Emily Austin
Georgia Emily Austin
  • 2 Minute Read
  • 14th December 2021

The Top 5 Ideas For Festive Fun In Your Workplace

There’s nothing like the festive period to de-stress and round off a busy year at work, so here’s a list of five cheap/free office Christmas party ideas you can use to enjoy some fun during the holiday season. From old favourites like Secret Santa to exciting activities that could last an entire afternoon like a treasure hunt, there’s something here for everyone.

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Play a game of Pictionary

Sort the Picassos from the Picass-Nos with a game of Christmas-themed Pictionary; it’s fun, frustrating, and fab for an office knees-up. Colleagues are divided into teams, and when it’s their turn, they have to draw a picture of a word they’re given. Say, ‘Rudolph’ – then their teammate/s have to guess exactly what it is.

Plus, you could even incorporate forfeits, points, and prizes to really spice things up! One great thing about this game is that it requires minimal equipment – all you need is paper and pens – and can be played anywhere: in the office, down the pub, or even over Zoom (perfect if you’re after virtual office Christmas party ideas).

Host a fancy dress competition

See a different side of your colleagues with a fancy dress competition! These are a fun way for people to express themselves and reveal interests that others might not have known about. You could even set a Christmas theme and see all the weird and wonderful ideas people come up with – a fun way to spark some friendly competition might be to give out prizes for different categories like ‘best group’, ‘most individual’, or even ‘worst’!

Get everyone involved in an exciting treasure hunt

An exciting game that also doubles as a great bonding exercise is a treasure hunt. Everyone splits up and follows a pre-prepared, printable map that gives each team clues to the ‘treasure’ – you can even include wacky team names, costumes, or themes, so the possibilities are endless! Introduce some friendly competition and make the top prize something amazing, like shopping vouchers or a hamper. Treasure hunts encourage teamwork and are a brilliant way to get the whole office involved in some festive fun.

Always an office calendar highlight: Secret Santa

Secret Santa is one of the things that people look forward to most in the office at Christmas. The premise is simple: you’re given the name of someone else in the office and you have to buy them a gift. It’s a good idea to set a price limit (say, £10), which will make it accessible for all as well as lead to some very creative presents and fun gift ideas! You can either assign names randomly using a website or do the classic ‘names in the hat’ method. It’s great fun trying to guess who was your ‘Santa’ and a brilliant way to find out more about someone’s interests by exchanging gifts around the office.

Anyone for Truth Or Dare?

Truth or Dare is a real blast from the past and a hilarious addition to any Christmas party. One person has to choose ‘truth’, and truthfully answer a question posed by the group, or ‘dare’, and do something the others ask them to – it can lead to all sorts of surprising revelations and crazy antics – who knew Barbara from accounts was such a party animal?! Turn Truth or Dare into a drinking game for some real adult fun, so tipsy or sober, it’s a brilliant way to break the ice and make some new friends in the process – plus it’s completely free!

Festive fun fosters camaraderie, bonding, and general well-being – it’s a great reminder that life isn’t all about your job! Make memories that will last with this collection of games and activities that are sure to make that most wonderful time of the year even more wonderful.