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Joseph Lofthouse
Joseph Lofthouse
  • 1 Minute Read
  • 03rd July 2014

The Tour de France, dans England

The world’s most famous bike race is coming to England. Are you ready for the two wheel invasion?

The Tour de France begins its course in Leeds this year for the first time in the history of the race. Stage one to three will see cyclists from around the globe racing from stage 1 and 2 in northern England through to the south, with stage 3 of the race beginning in Cambridge and making its way through to the Mall, central London. With a large portion of the UK stages taking place on commuter-heavy routes it’s wise to keep abreast of the potential disruption (and bonuses) brought about by this milestone event.

1. Travel in London

Naturally some businesses in the country may be affected so it’s worth watching for travel updates around the UK’s roads and public transport. TFL have already published a map of what they predict to be the worst affected sections of road heading into North East and central London. It’s already looking like a large disruption for what is typically a congested area anyway. If you have employees who usually insist on driving into work in that area it may be a good day to persuade them otherwise. Perhaps provide an incentive for those choosing to catch the train in rather than drive to avoid lateness issues on the day.

2. Travel in Yorkshire

Residents in Yorkshire are advised that roads may be closed for up to 8 hours on the weekend of the first and second stages. The Tour de France website has an interactive map showing when certain roads will be inaccessible. While some businesses will be closed for the weekend, those that are open will have to think about the best approach for employees getting to the workplace. Research availability of public transport in your area and explore alternatives in travel, walking, running and of course cycling are all viable options for the more local employees. If the event is too disruptive, perhaps consider a grand day out to watch the event unfold!

3. Cycle to work!

On the subject of cycling, what better time to push an office cycling scheme? The UK government currently offer subsidies for Employee’s willing to purchase a bike to cycle into work and ease rush hour congestion. With an atmosphere of athleticism provided by the world’s most famous bike race, there’s no better moment to be encouraging employee wellbeing and doing that little bit extra to save the planet.

Full details of the tour route are here:

Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3