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Joseph Lofthouse
Joseph Lofthouse
  • 2 Minute Read
  • 03rd March 2015

The Workspace Blog: Net.Works, Islington

At Search Office space we are always interested in workspaces that are trying new things, especially those that adapt to new ways of working. The advance of technology, remote working and general working and business flexibility has changed the way professionals view and use their office accomodation.

In this series of blogs we aim to take in exceptional offices from every corner of the workspace industry, to highlight those that are pushing our workplace habits to new places.


Down a backstreet in Islington, just a stone’s throw from the Emirates stadium, a new space is opening that is taking a unique approach to one of the fastest rising workspace solutions; coworking.

Net-Works is a Coworking space with a difference. Focussed on attracting the same young, freelance and entrepreneurial crowd that other Coworking spaces aim to cater for, they are committed to providing an equally collaborative experience to start-ups and new businesses. By bringing these types of business together they seek to provide a truly collaborative environment.


The Main Space


Net-Works’ homely communal room will be home for most of its Coworking clients, though anyone who pays for space at the building will have access. It comes complete with sofa area and relaxed meeting table space. An in house coffee shop provides refreshment needs and the décor of the former book binding factory lends itself to a relaxed an informal working atmosphere. Perfect for the laptop wielding worker.


Bare brick work and original steel columns give the space an attractive aesthetic that will appeal to the more creative types likely to book in.





Interesting features include a hammock chair and the company is committed to local and sustainable produce, meaning any snacks or drinks purchased are sure to be top notch (the coffee is VERY good.)





Hot Desking

Situated next door to the main co-working space, Net-Works are offering hot-desking facilities to those needing a more permanent situation for working, while keeping a collaborative atmosphere. All hot-deskers have access to the Coworking room and all of their facilities, as well as the meeting room facilities and networking events, aimed at providing the advice and support to startup entrepreneurs. The advantage being, for a higher price they have a semi -permanent space in the building.





‘It is all about who you know

and where they are…’

Net.Works website




Fixed term lease

Though the coffee shop vibe is somewhat accentuated by the comfortable surroundings, the space will also be home to a number of startups and small businesses. Some of whom are taking up their first premises outside of their flexible home setup.


This whole idea seems to breed inclusivity, combining that knowledge sharing idea that works so well with co-working spaces with the creative expertise of businesses higher up the chain.

Interestingly, the first few businesses taking up their space are tailoring it to their needs. Net-works have taken suggestions from prospective tenants and sculpted the space to their specification, including showers and meeting booths as and where the businesses want them.

Net.Works are currently taking up new clients in Islington.

Interested in taking up workspace at Net.Works? Talk to one of our consultants now.