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Hannah Parry
Hannah Parry
  • 4 Minute Read
  • 28th March 2012

The world’s coolest office spaces.

Google, Buckingham Palace Road

Having acquired its status as the world’s most used search engine, Google has also made a name for itself by creating some of the environments.

Their incorporates a recording studio as well as a free restaurant, unique coffee bar, sofas, Starship-Enterprise themed corridors, a slide in place of a staircase, and walls lined with whiteboards to enable quick expression of ideas.

Who wouldn’t give their eye teeth to work here?

Google's games roomLondon headquarters of Google

The Macquarie Group, London

Global provider of banking and investment services, Macquarie, have transformed their into an incredible sight – beautiful, bright red staircases adorn the centre of the building, while the rest remains white, creating a spacious and simple, yet creative, working environment.

The building oozes prestige and is filled with exclusive furniture and focal points for its tenants. It is largely open plan, with a theme running through it of pinstripes and simple shapes, giving it the appearance of efficiency and magnitude.

The Macquarie Group's London office spaceThe Macquarie Group's London office spaceThe Macquarie Group's London office space

Red Bull, US

Red Bull’s lends itself to an almost space-age theme, with its minimalist interior and extraordinary features. Office workers are able to ditch the more traditional use of the staircase to get to their meetings, and can instead make an entrance – down a slide.

If meetings become dull, employees can take time out and have a quick game of ping-pong across the table, or hang out for a while in the open and spacious social area.

Red Bull's London office spaceWhy not slide to meetings for a change?

Pixar, US

In keeping with its quirky and enchanting animated films, Pixar’s , California, represents the same imagination that has created so many well-loved films. Office workers may choose whether they wish to work in a tiki hut, a lego castle, or a pod, or any number of strange but inspiring secret locations within the building.

If work gets a little too stressful, head to the games area for a game of pool, or simply sit back and admire the paintings and figurines dotted around the building which depict various of the company’s creations.

Pixar's California office spacePixar's California office space

Bahnhof AB, Stockholm

Home to Swedish internet host, Bahnhof AB, this rivals even the most innovative of office spaces. Previously serving as a Cold War bomb shelter, this location can be found 100 feet below Stockholm and comes with high-powered computers and solid, steel doors at the entrance.

How many offices spaces can claim to be resilient against a nuclear attack?

Bahnhof AB's White Mountain office spaceBahnhof AB's White Mountain office space

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