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Tammy Newell
Tammy Newell
  • 3 Minute Read
  • 01st March 2012

Top 10 Reasons Why Your Office Space Should Go Green in 2012

Not only is going green good for the environment, it can also be good for your business! Whether you’re thinking about , or upgrading your current office space with refurbishments and an updated technology infrastructure, green issues are highly important.

Turn Your Office Space Green

Below is a list of the top 10 reasons why going green will help your business in ways you may have never considered of before…

1. Save Money
Installing energy saving features within your office can significantly reduce your monthly bills by up to 20%. Green lighting, heating and ventilation are all easily installed, and will help your company become a sustainable organisation.

2. Avoid Government Fines
2012 is going to be a year of change, as the government intends to bring in new legislation on the energy standards of commercial property. Companies that do not comply with certain rules could face fines.

3. Reduce Your Tax Bill
One of the government plans which was launched in October 2011 was the Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme (ECAs). This scheme meant that companies who install energy efficient equipment and machinery will benefit from a tax break. Now, a few months on, these companies are really seeing the benefit, as their tax bills are reduced.

4. Employee Moral
Many people and employees are concerned about the environment, and make real efforts within their households to reduce their families carbon footprint. By ensuring they can do the same within office environments will boost moral and make for a happy workforce, thus leading to business success.

5. Sustainable Brand Awareness
More and more companies are looking to deal with sustainable brands and partners within businesses. By promoting the fact that your company is going green will help get potential clients and partners on side.

6. Avoid Negative Press
If your company is wasting energy and damaging the environment you may come under fire form other organisations and the press. Within the business world, all publicity doesn’t necessarily mean good publicity, so the sooner your company goes green, the better!

7. Attract the Right Employees
Research suggests that a younger workforce are more concerned with going green - and have more knowledge on the topic of energy efficiency. Young, bright professionals are more likely to be attracted to work at your company if your business has the right green values. Young professionals are also the future of the economy, so by employing such people, your business is likely to become a success!

8. Staff Loyalty
If your employees see that you are doing your bit for the environment, its certainly an incentive to get involved with going green themselves, and even a reason to stay loyal to your company.

9. Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds
If your business has a green this can help reduce absenteeism among your employees. Natural light and fresh air can also increase productivity within your workforce, so there’s no reason not to go green!

10. Going Green is a Positive Change
Statistics from the Department of Trade and Industry revealed that offices, commercial property and factories are responsible for 47% of the UK’s carbon emissions – which is a pretty scary thought. This is your chance to do the right thing, both for your business and the environment.

If you think that its about time for your office space to go green, we can help! has a range of Gold LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified business centres across the UK. If you choose to rent office space within one of these centres, you can rest assured that your carbon footprint is reduced.

For more information on LEED business centres, green office space and office rentals in the UK and worldwide, talk to Search Office Space today on 0800 524 4649 to discuss your requirements.