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Anna Duggal
Anna Duggal
  • 3 Minute Read
  • 27th February 2014

Top 10 ways to keep your energy up in the workplace

Whether it’s the long hours, the workload, the team or just the place, there’s always a reason we’re feeling drained in the office, but short term solutions aren’t the cure – we need to look much further.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 ways in which you can change your working life long term. By incorporated team morale, exercise and a few breaks into your day, you’ll see and feel the difference in your energy levels in no time.

Have a look and see which you could apply to your working life.


  1. Be an early riser – Get up just 10 minutes earlier in the morning and you’ll be surprised how much productivity you can gain. Use the extra time to get breakfast, walk to work instead of driving or stick your clothes in the washer. That little bit of time will make all the difference, as you aren't rushing, you’ll arrive at the office calmer, you'll be more positive and in the right mind frame to begin working.
  2. Morning workout – By doing an early morning workout, you set your metabolism off on a burning cycle for the rest of the day – meaning that your afternoon chocolate snack will be burnt off before you’ve even eaten it! The workout will make you feel fresh, awake and mentally ready for a productive day at work.
  3. Walking meetings – If you need a quick catch up with your boss, why don’t you go for a walk around the block whilst you chat? People are much more likely to be honest, confiding or creative if they feel comfortable and aren’t made to have the forced eye contact and pressure of a one-on-one meeting room catch up.
  4. Take the stairs – Why not skip the lift and give the stairs a go when you’re moving around the office. Whilst you’re up, you might as well get the blood flowing. The break will give your energy levels a little kick by the time you get back to your desk.
  5. Have a full team 5 minute break – Whether it be a tea break at 8:55 to start the day positively or the last 10 minutes of the day to cool down, let everyone have a break in which they can get to know their colleagues, relax and start or leave the day in a good mood.
  6. Keep it healthy – When you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, it can take everything to stop you from getting a fizzy drink from the vending machine. Don’t do it! It’ll give you a short term rush but then you’ll be flat for the rest of the afternoon. Have a piece of fruit or a cereal bar to give you a lasting boost.
  7. Use your legs – If you need to speak to another team member, why not get up and go to them instead of phoning or emails. Obviously, this isn’t always productive but sometimes it’s nice to go and thank someone for their help or ask someone personally if you need a favour. Either way, the interaction will do you good, both for the happy endorphins and the bit of exercise.
  8. Take five – Instead of taking one, long lunch break, split your time-outs into five minute chunks. When you go to make tea, have a glass of water or go to the toilet, have a sit down away from your desk and let your brain have a quick break. When you get back to work, you’ll be refreshed and ready to start again.
  9. Keep it fun – I often take a few minutes to find a good joke or funny animal picture online to send to my colleagues. It’s good for everyone’s morale – especially if the office is particularly hectic at the moment – and gives an instant mood lift… before it’s time to get back to the boring stuff!
  10. Stop sulking – We don’t realise how draining it is to be irritated by bosses or colleagues. Start each day a fresh and don’t get tied down by your grudges – focus on the positive aspects of work, and the job you’re there to do. If you focus on this, you’ll soon find your head is clear for work and your energy is being channeled in a fruitful direction!


Well, that's all from us. Give our energy boosting ideas a try around the office and see how much it makes a difference to your general wellbeing and enjoyment of your job. If you have any other helpful tips, why not leave a comment below!