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Leticia Baiamonte
Leticia Baiamonte
  • 1 Minute Read
  • 12th February 2015

Top 4 new tips for office activities on Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day can be a wonderful thing if you are in love, have a new crush or are otherwise predisposed to show love and affection on this day. However, if you are recently single, decidedly unbothered or just not in the mood, Valentine’s Day can bring up a host of problems for you and the people around you. In an office, you are bound to have both types of people, meaning that if not handled correctly, V-Day could easily turn into D-Day!


Here are some ways to keep everyone in your office feeling relaxed and happy whatever their situation.


Organise a raffle

Gather small, inexpensive prizes alongside larger prizes that employees would be thrilled to get their hands on, such as a ipad, or even work-based perks such as an extra day off. Have everyone in the office buy a raffle ticket or tickets and then draw tickets at the end of the day. The money received for the raffle can then go towards a heart charity of your choice.


Make sure there is plenty of chocolate

Even if you hate Valentine’s Day, it is unlikely that you hate chocolate. Even the most cynical hater of Valentine’s fun can’t fail to cheer up when they spend all day surrounded by chocolate, so place bowls of Valentine’s treats around the office for everyone to enjoy. For the chocolate haters/lactose intolerant/health nut, get alternative snacks in!


Have a red-themed casual day

If your office tends to wear suits and smart clothing all year round, have a casual day in honour of Valentine’s, with the caveat that anyone coming in casual clothing must include something red. Not only does this cheer up anyone not having the best Valentine’s Day, it also allows those going out for dinners and nights out with their spouses and partners to go straight from work without having to change. For valentines décor, check our older article!


Have a ‘V’ jar

If you have decided that the best way to keep the peace is to avoid Valentine’s altogether, put a ‘V’ jar in the office in a prominent position, and then charge 50p every time someone mentions the day, has flowers delivered or brags about what they received from their loved one. At the end of the day, all of the money collected can go towards a work night out, special lunch or even a charity.


It’s not everyone’s thing, but it can brighten up a lonely day for some. Whatever you go for, keep the fun in mind and enjoy the day!