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Rahul Parekh
Rahul Parekh
  • 3 Minute Read
  • 03rd June 2019

Top 5 Cricket World Cup Activities for the office

You’ve started seeing adverts appear on the TV, sports ticket websites increasing their prices daily and a general buzz among sports fan. Yep, this can only mean the Cricket World Cup is around the corner. The Cricket World Cup starts this Thursday 30th May 2019 when England take on South Africa at The Oval. Follow all of the action in your office by downloading a Free Cricket World Cup wallchart.

Now, is a great time to start organising and participating in Office Cricket Games that you can play in the office. Although it may not be the same as being out there on the square, these ideas can support team building, bonding and the ability to increase health and employee wellbeing in the office; employers will be keen to participate.

We’ve drafted up some great ideas to get he Cricket party of to a flying start in your office.

Fantasy Cricket:

A common and highly popular game amongst most individuals, fantasy cricket will create a buzz and competitive environment in the office. Whether your business is a startup with a small team or a multinational company with offices globally, fantasy cricket encourages employees to collaborate with each other. Create your own mini office league and let the fun begin. Print out a cricket game schedule calendar and your team can ensure they can make the necessary amendments/changes in time for each game.

Sign up here.

World cup Cricket on TV:

Event Spaces are one of the major benefits of modern flexible workspaces enabling networking opportunities and team bonding opportunities. Many flexible offices have a pre-set screen set up and ready to watch an evening of Cricket amongst your colleagues which doesn’t come around often offering a different atmosphere from watching the World Cup Cricket on TV. Within this is also the opportunity to network with residents in the building as you come together within one space.

World Cup Cricket Schedule:

Print out a World Cup Cricket Schedule and stick this on the wall to ensure your colleagues are aware of the games coming up.

Cricket Quiz:

It’s time to find out who really knows their stuff. A cricket quiz is sure to ramp up the competitive egos in the office. Whether you choose for the simple cricket quiz for beginners or decide to ramp the level up to complex, this will help build the team ethos within your team.

Cricket Sweepstake:

Probably the most common form of games for any office; a sweepstake is a fantastic way to get some excitement into the office. Whatever the amount you decide to put in, a prize draw at the end is worth looking forward to. Having a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prize for the top three winners is sure to grab the attention of your colleagues. Whether its picking names out of a hat or a generic draw, the reaction of your colleagues when they find their team is one to saviour.

The charity Alzheimers Research UK has a sweepstake kit you can print off here.

It’s a fantastic way to add a bit of fun and interest to the tournament whilst raising money for a great cause.

Who am I?

Yet another enjoyable yet casual game for your office, who am I helps to build on crucial team building skills and involves everyone whether they know a little or a lot of the sport. Print our 10 pictures of relatable cricket objects, from players to stadiums, and see who can strike the highest score while you enjoy your colleagues making a fool of themselves. A motivating prize at the end of the quiz which may include a pair of World Cup Cricket Tickets will definitely go down a storm.

Office Cricket:

Now, we are not saying to have an Office Cricket Game in the office, which most likely will not end well. But, perhaps a quick competition of bat keepy uppies or a catching competition is one which will fuel the competitive minds of the office.

Flexible office spaces today carry many features and facilities to open the world of opportunities to make team collaboration and networking easier than ever. From the event spaces, breakout spaces to the roof terraces, the spots for enjoying and participating in the cricket world cup are endless.