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  • 24th January 2017

Top 5 Places For Coffee in Mayfair

Coffee. For many, it fuels every working day- and in more extreme cases- every waking hour. Two billion cups of the stuff are consumed each day, making it by far the most popular hot beverage in the world.

Mayfair. London’s most desirable area and a notoriously pricey part of town (impressive, considering the location was a boggy meadow in the 17th century). It’s known for its luxury shopping, swanky bars and is home to the most expensive properties in the UK.

It also happens to host some of the best independent coffee joints in the land, which offer both quality and value for money.

The Best Coffee in Mayfair

Get your fix at:

1.Taylor St. Baristas

This coffee shop has won the “best coffee shop in Mayfair” award not once, but twice (2012, 2015). Nestled on a little road around the back of Claridges, you wouldn’t know busy Oxford Street was just a few steps away. The cafe offers a range of coffee options: a special house blend, Rogue Espresso and a selection of single origin and guest coffees.

What They Say…

“A very cosy and popular place with great coffee and delicious cake options.” *****


2. Everbean

This independent coffee shop in the heart of Mayfair emanates continental vibes with its outdoor seating, cobbled street and quaint facade. The Climpson espresso comes highly recommended and an assortment of tasty treats in the form of cakes, pastries and sarnies are readily available. Get there early though- seats go fast!

What They Say...

“It was cold outside and I had been walking for a long time. Everbean was a quiet oasis away from the Christmas rush. The coffee and lemon loaf were simply delicious.” *****


3. Sunflower Cafe’s on Pollen Street!

Made from the freshest ingredients, Sunflower has been serving up breakfast, brunch and lunch alongside a range of hot beverages for the best part of a decade. Oft described as a ‘hidden gem’, it's one of the remaining independent establishments holding strong in an area littered with chains.

What They Say...

“They sure know how to make a sandwich here, and they are no more expensive than the chains around the corner. Top notch spot!” *****


4. Curators Coffee

Just down from Cavendish Square, on Margaret Street is where coffee meets creativity. Using the latest beans sourced from local and international roasters, the focus is very much on speciality coffee (and tea). Staff are friendly and the venue also plays host to art exhibitions and events.

What They Say...

“The flat white here is exemplary - full of body, silky smooth, rich coffee and a hint of sweetness.” *****


5. Parcafe

It’s in the Dorchester, darling. Parcafe is the hotel’s very own artisan coffee shop, filled with floral displays designed by the resident florist. You can look out on Hyde park whilst sipping on their famous Alchemy coffee blend which is both delicious and ethically sourced. Eats, both healthy and indulgent are served throughout the day.

What They Say...

“Incredible coffee; intimate space; wonderful staff, who just couldn't be more friendly.” *****


More of a tea drinker?

If you prefer the leaf to the bean, try Postcard Teas on Dering Street for an exquisitely curated brew or The English Tea Room in Brown’s Hotel for a sophisticated tipple.

Looking for an office to compliment your coffee?

Explore our Mayfair listings.

[caption id="attachment_21967" align="alignnone" width="580"]MAYFAIR OFFICE A fully refurbished and serviced office built in 1698[/caption]


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