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Dominic Hamlin
Dominic Hamlin
  • 1 Minute Read
  • 31st May 2016

Top 5 tips for overcoming the post Bank Holiday blues

We can all agree that when a bank holiday creeps up it's one of the most joyous occasions of the working year but unfortunately, the bank holiday is officially over. Your morning coffee is cold, the traffic is awful and of course the weather is miserable. On days like this, we all need a little inspiration so here’s 5 ways to ease the post bank holiday blues.


1. Your inbox can wait: There’s no denying that the sight of your inbox can be traumatising at first glance. The contents of that ghastly thing includes pressurising reminders, new meetings, favours for colleagues and a hundred other emails that you seemed to be copied in on without any mercy. Instead of diving straight in, take a moment to sort out what’s important — a cup of the finest instant coffee.


2. Socialise: Although your colleagues may be getting on your last nerve, instead of chucking your posted notes at them, smile, have a chat about the weekend and exchange drunken bank holiday stories. A bit of laughter can take a huge weight off, especially when you hear stories more embarrassing than your own.


3. Get some fresh air and move about: There’s nothing worse when you’re feeling miserable then staying at your desk all day in the same crouched position. Get outside! Even it’s raining, borrow an umbrella and take a stroll, breathe in some fresh air and you’ll come back feeling refreshed! So on a day where your boss is likely to be pressuring you about the work you rushed on the Friday before the bank holiday, make sure you take a moment to step outside.


4. Stick your headphones in: Sometimes the office can be just a little too loud and combined with the fact that you may need a pick-me-up, popping in some of your favourite music can do the trick. Not only can you drown out the noise of frantic typing but you can also make your work more enjoyable by having something else to keep you stimulated.


5. Indulge yourself: It’s very easy to work yourself to the bone, forgetting that we all need a treat now and again. Don’t rush through lunch, be sure to take the time to have a tasty meal and feel free to buy a bunch of snacks to stack up at your desk for a rainy day like this!


Hopefully a few of these tips can help but if not, perhaps the best comfort is to know that everyone across the UK is feeling the same emotions. Take a peek at some more post bank holiday inspiration