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Rahul Parekh
Rahul Parekh
  • 2 Minute Read
  • 19th June 2018

Top steps to becoming a networking success

Living in a digital age doesn’t diminish the vital importance of face-face networking business events. Technology and social media has vastly improved in the last couple of years, with businesses having several platforms available on which to connect freely, easily and efficiently including social media, e-mail, video calling and IM. However, the requirement for business networking events face-to-face cannot be underestimated or forgotten.

“At least 70%, if not 80%, of jobs are not published, yet most people are spending 70 or 80% of their time surfing the net versus getting out there, talking to employers” Matt Youngquist – president of Career Horizons.

It’s therefore definitely worth considering the role face-to-face networking still holds in today’s industry. To make the most of these opportunities, Office Freedom have been filling their calendar with footballing events across London, where we’ve found the perfect opportunities to maintain and build successful relationships with prospective clients across various industries. Participation within these events are great for networking, and teambuilding and they are great fun!


Over the last couple of weeks, Office Freedom have participated in the Emirates tournament, Fusion Consultant tournament, and the WeWork Broker football tournament, where Michael Benjamin (our new CMO) made his comeback from injury!


The Emirates tournament was a fantastic event for Office Freedom (formerly Search office Space), missing out on the trophy in the final. Gaining the opportunity to meet Arsenal legends Tony Adams and Robert Pires in the process was great for everyone involved.


We fielded a strong team at the Fusion Consultant tournament and upgraded our manager to Jake Lee, sorry Richard. Feeling confident, we started off very well, winning our first two games whilst playing the famous tiki taka football. However, the following two matches followed with two unlucky losses resulting in missing the knockout stages by one point. A glorious networking meal followed providing the perfect opportunity to meet businesses from various markets.


Tips of for networking events:

If your business is looking to participate in networking events, follow these steps and watch your network of contacts skyrocket.

Step 1: Do your homework:

Although this seems boring and is the last thing your business wants to do within the lead up to a networking event, I cannot stress enough the importance of this step. Think about what your business offers, what you want to achieve from the event, who you want to target and what you want to learn. With this information, you will be heading to the event full of confidence.


Step 2: Making your mark:

If you’re not the outgoing sort, not to worry, make your mark a different way. Ensure you master the first handshake and introduction. It’s vital to be yourself and come across as authentic.


Step 3: Standing out:

What’s your social identity? Who do people remember? The person who stands out from the crowd. Think about how you demonstrate your brand values and USPs.


Step 4: Handing out business cards:

Many businesses believe that LinkedIn is the digital alternative to business cards and therefore business cards aren’t necessarily needed. However, a business card statistically holds a greater chance of making itself back to the office.

Emirates Tournament 9th May 2018

Fusion Consultant Tournament 24th May

Whether you’re looking to start attending networking events for the first time or increase your participation, take our key points away with you to guarantee yourself walking out with a smile. If your business is as crazy about football as the Office Freedom team are, come and challenge us by dropping me an email at Rahul [email protected].