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Hannah Parry
Hannah Parry
  • 2 Minute Read
  • 28th February 2012

Top tips on how to turn a hobby into a career.


Breaking into the business world can sometimes feel like running into a brick wall for anyone wishing to start up their own company. Starting a business requires a gigantic leap of faith and a risky investment into something which doesn't necessarily guarantee returns, especially at the beginning.

Many entrepreneurs feel overwhelmed by the insecurity that starting their own business brings, and often feel held back by inexperience; some feel they would benefit from a ‘trial run’ before they invest real time, money and effort into the business.

Relax in the business of your choiceThe solution to trialling a business is to turn a hobby into a job – figure out a way to make money from doing something that you love. This involves deciding where your interests lie, and thinking of ways to turn these interests into a business plan which will enable you to master the basics of running a business and also test your skills as an entrepreneur.

There are many hobbies which can lead to successful businesses, and some examples are as follows:


1) Like sport? Become a personal trainer.

Whatever the economic climate, personal fitness is something that is applicable to all people on a long-term scale. Many are put off going to the gym for fear of looking silly if they are unsure of how the equipment works, or because they do not know which exercises would benefit them personally. For this reason, hiring a personal trainer can often be an attractive option – they can potentially work out in the comfort of their own home and receive one-to-one, expert advice tailored to their individual needs.

Personal trainers are often required to have their own equipment or facilities, as well as some basic qualifications. Building a list of clients can often be the biggest challenge here, but a website as well as social media profiles are the main ways to reach out to people.

2) Get paid to bake cupcakes!

Love baking cupcakes? Do it for a living!Why not turn your Sunday afternoon baking stint into a business and provide hungry customers with delicious, homemade confectionary? The initial costs of starting up a bakery business can be comparatively low, simply requiring the use of high-quality utensils and equipment and a venue to bake in.

As word spreads about your talent in the kitchen, your business will potentially boom, seeing cupcake requests coming in as well as fantastic returns on your initial investment.

3) Become a notary.

Marriage certificates, wills and property deeds are three examples of important documents which require a witness or a signature from a notary. This gives the notary the freedom to work as and when they wish in order to fulfil the demand for people who require their documents to be notarised.

The toughest aspect of this job is to build up a good advertising campaign which includes having a website which sells you. It is also advisable in this profession to pick a particular aspect of the job and concentrate on that, marriage certificates perhaps. This improves credibility and leads to word of mouth referrals.


So the key is to invest time in a hobby that is important to you; something that you’re passionate about and you feel can potentially make you money. The key to running your own, successful business is to be innovative: keep your eyes peeled for any entrepreneurial tips and make sure you get your services out there to be seen by as many people as possible.