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Anna Duggal
Anna Duggal
  • 2 Minute Read
  • 29th August 2014

Top tips to turn your team into brand ambassadors for your business

What takes small businesses to being great businesses? They have a bunch of employees who believe in and love the brand out spreading the word for them. With people being one of the most expensive resources for a business and, according to Kenexa High Performance Institute’s WorkTrends Survey, 10% of people leaving due to lack of training and 10% leaving due to senior leadership effectiveness, you need to start changing your strategy focus.

It isn’t hard to motivate your team to breathe your brand, so take our four simple tips to help make your team into brand ambassadors!

Starting with an Induction and on the job training

When you start working at a company, seeing that they have a process in place to train you makes the company look organised, professional and shows they care about how their workers perceive their brand.

In this training, you can address the history of the company, the values, who the audience is and what is expected of team members. This will not only save you time having to train each new hire individually, it’ll give the new people a chance to mix with one another and get to know why they should love your brand.

Whether a senior team member or an HR delegate takes the training, make it fun, interactive and on brand. No-one wants to sit through a two-hour PowerPoint presentation so keep it informal, friendly and memorable for your new hires. The better the first impression, the more enthusiasm they will have and, therefore, the better their performance in their new individual roles will be.

Let them experience the product

Dependent on your business, get your team experiencing the product as soon as possible into their role. Whether it is a platform or physical article they can use, a location they can visit etc. they will be able to speak about, write about, advertise or sell the product much better, both enthusiastically and knowledgeably, if they understand it.

Good team perks

It can cost as much or as little as you want and take none of your teams’ working productivity to build team morale in the office. You could offer awards such as “employee of the month”, a mentor system, organise team outings (which can be after work if you cannot stop production during the day), let employees set up clubs or sports team or bring in cake or wine on Fridays as a treat for the team. These little things make all the difference and will make your team members shout about how cool their company is – and they aren’t massive things to implement!

Let them explore the business

If one of your team members asks to shadow someone else in a different area of your company, facilitate it. They will love your company even more for the opportunity and flexibility and, likelihood is, if they prefer a different area better, they will transfer within your company instead of leaving to do the new role elsewhere, because you showed care for their personal progression, not just for their current role being fulfilled.

What are you doing in your business to make your staff ambassadors of the brand? Why not share your successful tips with us!