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Tammy Newell
Tammy Newell
  • 1 Minute Read
  • 22nd March 2012

Twitter Celebrates 6th Birthday!

Love it or hate it, the social media network Twitter, has just celebrated it’s 6th birthday! This may sound young in human years, but for an internet communication tool, it’s pretty impressive.

Founder and inventor of twitter, Jack Dorsey, could never have predicted the success that twitter would have on the world. Today, the website has 500 million users producing over 1 billion tweets every three days!


On twitter’s official blog, the company thanked it’s users and dedicated this 6th birthday to them, “without you, of course, there wouldn’t be a twitter. We mark our sixth birthday with you in mind, and celebrate your myriad ways of engaging, enjoying, and emoting on our platform”.

Today, twitter has become part of popular culture, with hashtags making their way into other forms of communication so as to emphasise the meaning behind it, or to promote other forms of media such as TV and Radio.

Six years on and twitter is still an independent company, which poses the question – will twitter be acquired by technology giants such as Apple or Microsoft, or will it just keep growing? I guess we will have to wait and see what happens on twitter’s 7th birthday…