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Tammy Newell
Tammy Newell
  • 2 Minute Read
  • 09th September 2011

Twitter reaches 100 million global users


twitterlogo_thumb It would seem that more and more people are feeling the need to ‘tweet’ to the rest of the world, as revealed some staggering new statistics yesterday, of 100 million active global users.

Although twitter still trails behind rival social network, Facebook (which boats around 500 million users worldwide), twitter’s growth is on a steady rise, with predictions of another 26 million users to join by January 2012. The twitter team must have been in high spirits due to these new findings, as the social network doesn’t often share such information with the public, leaving users and critics asking, why the sudden change?

Maybe it’s to show that the $760 million invested in the network is finally paying off, as more people flock to the site. Or maybe its because there is a need to prove that twitter’s advertising systems can start raking in some real money.

A news leak from the US suggests that businesses and advertisers who use twitter may soon benefit even further due to a new feature called ‘prompted tweets’, meaning that users will see tweets from companies they don’t follow. This new feature is currently only open to US advertisers and businesses; however, rumours suggest that the prompted tweets and prompted accounts will be available to the UK in around 18 months.

Recently, twitter has gained more and more exposure due to their partnership deals, and of course, celebrity endorsement, which may attribute to the rise in users. This month, twitter has teamed up with London Fashion Week, and has a partnership deal with the London 2012 Olympics – both huge events that will entice new users to the social network.

Due to these investments, partnerships, new features and increasing number of followers, it’s now more important than ever for businesses to sign up to twitter to promote their news and services.

The SOS twitter page is an important tool to share news and information on office space, so think about the benefits for your business, especially with these new features heading our way.