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Dave Carter
Dave Carter
  • 3 Minute Read
  • 14th December 2021

Unique Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Office Colleagues

Why Do Secret Santa?

After a long, hard year working through the aftermath of the global pandemic (remember that?), the festive season has never been so important – or so needed! And you know what your office needs more than anything? A good old fashioned secret Santa!

A classic holiday tradition among families, friends and colleagues, nothing will get your team in the festive spirit faster than an office secret Santa. It’s a great opportunity for colleagues to show their appreciation for one another, and every group is sure to throw up some surprises when it comes time to unwrap gifts.

The best part? Everyone is included. Secret Santas are great for teams of all shapes and sizes, as everyone can muck in and everyone is guaranteed a gift! The only downside (if there is one) is that it can sometimes be difficult to know what to buy for your chosen colleague, especially if you get someone from another department (‘not Helen from finance!’).

But fear not, there’s no need to stress or panic buy. If you’re not sure what to get for your colleague, here’s a list of unique secret Santa gifts that are sure to bring the house down.

Great Gifts for Colleagues

Custom Mug

If there’s one thing office workers love, it’s a cup of coffee! So why not make their (one too many) break times a little less mundane and a little funnier? A custom mug inevitably makes a great secret Santa gift because it can be tailored to your colleague’s sense of humour, and it shows you’ve gone the extra mile (rather than picking up something en route to work at the last minute)

But how to customize it? Well, think about what would make them laugh… Have you ever caught them stealing snacks from the fridge? Have they ever let one rip in a meeting? As long as they (and everyone else) can get in on the joke, you should be on to a winner. Check out this range of personalised mugs if you’re stuck for inspiration.

Experience Days

The other thing office workers love more than anything else? Days outside the office! (You didn’t hear this from us). Experience days are much like custom mugs in that the possibilities are truly endless – and it’s also a great excuse to organise a day out with you and your chosen colleague!

Think about what gets their blood pumping (other than spreadsheets and tight deadlines). You could go wine tasting at a fancy rooftop bar, go-karting at your local race track, or for the thrill-seeker in your team, bungee jumping from a London skyscraper! Just make sure you don’t make your other colleagues green with gift envy. Not sure what’s available in your area? Search for the perfect day out here.

Novelty Card Game

Want to get the whole team involved in the fun? Gifts are best when they’re shared with friends, and adult card games are an easy way to share the love. Here are some of our favourites:

✔️ Cards Against Humanity - The OG of adult card games is sure to spice up your next office party, encouraging players to come up with the meanest, dirtiest and downright craziest jokes they can. The self-proclaimed ‘party game for horrible people’ always goes down a storm, but don’t forget to bring your sense of humour with you!

✔️ Bad People - You probably shouldn’t play this one… or at least, that’s what this game’s makers warn on the box. Players take turns reading questions aloud and then everyone votes on who best fits the bill. Questions include ‘Who gets paid too much for what they do?’ Let the fireworks commence!

✔️ Fear Pong - Fancy a game of beer pong? Of course you do! Fancy combining the game with devilish dares and forfeits? Um… (It’s fun, we promise). With over 200 dares in the deck, this game is sure to bring out the adventurous side in the colleagues you see every day.

Food Hamper

Sometimes, a classic gift is the best bet! A food hamper containing Christmas treats such as mince pies, chocolate, mulled wine and a cheese selection is sure to please anybody, while also giving them a present that they can share with their family and friends. For an even more personal touch, you could try making your own mulled wine or mince pies to gift to your colleague. And if you’re having a Christmas party, be sure to make extra for your whole team to enjoy!