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Office Freedom
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  • 20th January 2011

Washington DC - When Politics Mix with Business

Washington DC is the capital of the US, home to the White House and the heart of politics and business. The entire district of Washington DC is full of historic monuments, museums and cultural buildings, as well as high-standing businesses. Washington DC is one of the top places for real estate businesses, education, finance and scientific research; it was the leader of foreign real estate trading in 2006 and ranked as one of the top ten favorable business areas for expansion in the nation.

Washington DC is well-known for its standing in politics, obviously due to the White House and other political buildings around the area. However, it is also a popular place for businesses across the US, who can normally find luxurious executive office suites or office rentals across Washington DC in great locations. Washington DC has an incredibly diverse economy, though is a prominent area for media businesses (for example the Washington Post founded in 1877), scientific research, politics, lawyer firms and financial companies.

As Washington DC is diverse in its business and history there are hundreds of amazing and suitable buildings offering rented office space, long or short term. Small businesses often find their home in Washington DC among the profitable large corporations, opting for the numerous retail and office space rentals available across the board of Washington DC’s stunning scenery.

As of 2010 the average personal income per capita in Washington DC was around $50,000, the highest ratio anywhere in the US. Although Washington DC suffered greatly from the economic downturn and office rentals particularly fell there has been a recent boom and pick up in business. Executive office suite rentals in Washington DC have risen dramatically as the world financially recovers. The capital of the US could well be on its way to becoming the capital of US business.

Although Washington DC is a incredibly popular area for politics and federal employees only 14% of the total workforce works for the government itself. The rest of the $50K+ earners normally delve into key businesses such as the distinct media industry in Washington DC, or the sudden rise in investment businesses or finance.

Unlike the fast-paced areas like Manhattan and Chicago, Washington DC is a much more relaxed atmosphere for office space rentals and businesses - however, in the case of Washington DC, it’s quality and not the quantity of office space rentals that count.