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Joseph Lofthouse
Joseph Lofthouse
  • 1 Minute Read
  • 27th March 2015

Watch your clocks! Or clock your watch…

Here is a pleasant reminder from the Search Office Space team:

The clocks are going forward on Sunday!

Yes, forward,

So, you may lose an hour of weekend

Boooo! But it does have some major benefits though! Let’s take a look at the origins..

British Summer Time (and its worldwide equivalents) is intended to preserve daylight in the evening at the loss of daylight in the morning.

Why? The prevention of accidents and lower energy usages nationwide as the lights aren’t on as long. In turn this means lower emissions, cheaper energy bills and more recreational daylight time in the later hours. So far forward; so good.

The concept ‘British summertime’ began in 1916 when William Willet, took a stroll on a balmy summer morning and noticed that quite a few folks were still in bed.

Mr Willet had a lightbulb moment, akin to the statement:

‘This morning light would be more useful in the evening.’

After a time of tireless campaigning and rigorous pamphleting, daylight savings was instated, moving forward an hour in the summer.

During the Second World War we stayed in Daylight-savings mode for 5 years from 1940 to increase productivity, dipping into ‘double British summertime’ during the Summers.

It’s since been proposed that we do this again, but that will generally mean no sunrise till 10am in the winter - tough call.

So set your clocks, be ready to go! The office will feel earlier but the air will be spritely Monday morning, I promise!

If not, there’s always your favourite beverage. No doubt Mr Willet might have said: ‘my favourite beverage would be more useful in the evening!’