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Rahul Parekh
Rahul Parekh
  • 2 Minute Read
  • 26th February 2019

Welcoming Monica Baro

Office Freedom are excited to welcome Monica Baro to the team. We sat down with Monica, to find out what we could learn.

What are your interests and hobbies?

I love travelling – with Barcelona taking the lead, not only for the obvious reasons, but the fact that it is also where I call home! The beautiful Swiss Alps then take a very close second place in my heart. Following these two key locations as my most frequent trips, I also like to take time to discover new countries and the two that have really made their mark with me most recently are Mexico and Cuba; I highly recommend both, not just for their coastlines but for their beautifully natured people.

Travelling is my passion, but family and friends have to come first. There is nothing I value more than having a long evening around the family table. My other passions lie with the seaside, keeping fit, skiing, reading and meditating. I am a strong believer in a healthy balance.

One interesting fact about you

I am part of a program called Independent Visitor. An IV is someone who spends a couple of days a month with a young person who is in foster care. I’ve always been interested in social work but this project has to be the most special to me yet; as I am passionate about the power of giving your time over your money when it comes to certain causes.

This passion is something I don’t usually share, however a very good friend of mine recently made me realize that I should be sharing it, of course not for gratitude but to help in spreading the word about such amazing projects out there. This can only lead to more children feeling loved and supported, so I am very grateful for this advice.

What is your career background?

I studied Public Relations and Advertising back in Barcelona and then continued to work in the city looking after a couple of restaurants before the big smoke of London! My London journey began in the events team at the Club at Café Royal. A couple of years later I started working at 12 Hay Hill, a Private Business Members’ club in Mayfair. This role was the one that connected me to Office Freedom as I was looking after the serviced offices in the building and was collaborating with Office Freedom on a regular basis. As you can see, I’ve always been client facing, this is very important to me as people are my passion!

Why did you choose Office Freedom?

The team. I’ve known them for a while and they have always been extremely welcoming, professional and so passionate about what they do, so I knew they would be great to be around! A major sign for me was also the fact that so many of the team have been part of the company for many years – I feel this always speaks for itself! Let’s also not forget the energy and passion for the industry that comes from Richard Smith, what he has built is both impressive and remarkable.

What are you looking forward to the most while working in Office Freedom?

A new avenue of learning. My role now is very different to what I have done in my previous jobs. I am very excited to be growing within the flexible work space industry – it’s so motivating to see the boom over the last few years!

To reach out to Monica and the team, contact us here for any office space requests you may have!