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Clare Hudson
Clare Hudson
  • 1 Minute Read
  • 11th July 2011

Well done to everyone at SOS who ran the 2011 British 10K London Run on Sunday

Yesterday, 12 of us from SOS> Search Office Space ran the 2011 British 10K London Run in memory of Vinay Varsani and to raise funds for our charity of choice, Cancer Research UK.

There were over 25, 000 runners at the event, including a pair in sumo wrestling costumes, a man impressively jogging with a huge backpack, and someone running the whole route backwards!

There was a really positive atmosphere and it was inspiring to see so many of the 40, 000+ spectators cheering us all on; and of course, fantastic that so many millions have been raised for charities and great causes all over the world.

I also think I had my quickest ever tour of some of London’s most iconic landmarks, including Big Ben, the London Eye and Westminster Abbey. However, the shaded tunnels were my favourite parts.

Yesterday was my first time running 10K and despite not being an avid runner, I really enjoyed it, and even though it hurts to walk today, I’ll probably run it again next year.

Jon Posener, Chief Operating Officer at SOS> Search Office Space commented:

“It was a fantastic effort by everyone. I’m sure Vinay’s family appreciate all your efforts in raising £8,420 for Cancer Research. It has been a difficult year so far at SOS with the loss of Vinay. I’m sure that he would be honoured by your efforts yesterday and the level of sponsorship.”