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Tammy Newell
Tammy Newell
  • 2 Minute Read
  • 19th April 2012

What are Common Non-Medical Insurance Benefits?

When signing up for a new policy it pays to know that you are entitled to a number of non-medical insurance benefits in addition to the medical benefits that apply as per your plan. Here are some common non-medical insurance benefits all expats should consider when purchasing a policy:

Assistance and Support

As an expatriate living, working and travelling abroad, it is very likely that you could be laying yourself and your family open to the risk of medical emergencies or injuries arising out of terror strikes, political tensions, riots and natural disasters, especially if you will be moving to a war-prone or medically dangerous area. In such a situation you never know at what time and place you will need medical attention and possibly evacuation.

An insurance company that has a 24 hour helpline which serves the needs and queries of its customers is one huge benefit that few people even consider simply because it does not seem important until it is essential.

In an emergency, being able to communicate your needs and problems to someone becomes the difference between being dead or alive. Customer support staff who can speak foreign languages and a toll free number to help people connect with them is a big benefit offered any major international company, but often not smaller or local companies.

Online Account Management

A helpful reminder in your mail box or via a text message on your phone is important in case you tend to forget when your next premium is due. Besides that online calculation of premium, payment of premium, billing and receipting help customers save time and effort that they would otherwise spend in going out and doing this work.

Online account management can also help you add options to your policy as they become necessary, find the answers to your questions and speed up claims processing, when necessary.

Automated Extensions

Forgetting to renew your policy can be disastrous in case you land in an emergency situation. In such cases automated extensions of policy (for medical emergencies and evacuation for up to 30 days) and delay of a common carrier for up to 7 days after expiry of policy are an added benefit. Not all companies offer this benefit to customers, but you should be sure to check if it is available before purchasing a policy.

Non-Medical Plan Additions

Insurance companies also provide customers with the option to take on certain non-medical plan additions designed and targeted exclusively at expats such as:

  • The option of signing up for regional plans where the expat’s specific country is given a specialized plan to include only the necessary things
  • Some companies offer cash benefits to hospitalized plan holders
  • 24 Hour Emergency Cashless Services offered through Emergency Assistance Service Provider
  • Some offer two way compassionate visit benefit for family members so that they can be by your side during an emergency
  • Others offer to cover travel costs for accompanying minors or a family member in the event that you must be moved or evacuated
  • Repatriation of mortal remains or in the event of a terrorist or other threat not related to medical reasons
  • In the case of students signing up for health insurance the policy tenure can be matched with the course duration. This helps keep the student stress free on the medical expenses front without having to worry about renewal, extension and the like