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Rahul Parekh
Rahul Parekh
  • 3 Minute Read
  • 21st June 2019

What are the benefits of a dog-friendly office?

It’s no surprise employees are at their most productive when they are working in a supportive and relaxed environment. A study by Virginia University found employees who had access to dogs in the office tended to be less stressed throughout the day. It doesn’t matter if you’re having a testing day in the office, or you’ve experienced a morning of stress travelling into work; a dog will always show you unconditional love.

June 21st is “national bring your dog to work day”. Thousands of businesses across the country will see their furry friends running around the office and perhaps even answering the phones and closing deals!

Benefits of a dog-friendly environment:

Dog friendly environments have been shown to positively impact health and wellbeing, collaboration, productivity and retention and recruitment. Having a dog around is a great way of relieving stress, the health benefits of calmly stroking a loved pet have been well documented. A dog is also a great way of encouraging team bonding, bringing colleagues together around their love for the office pooch.

Health and wellbeing:

Health and wellbeing is now a major consideration for business decision makers who want to ensure they have a motivated and stress free workforce. From helping to reduce stress to improving blood-pressure, welcoming dogs into the office has proven to improve the overall mood of employees.

Improved collaboration and work relationships:

Dogs are well-known to bring people and teams together. A dog in the office is a great conversation starter amongst colleagues and clients and can help to forge a strong and lasting relationship to drive your business forward.

Attract the industry’s top talent:

49% of UK adults today own a dog who has grown to become an integral part of their lives. In today’s environment, many employees are attracted to forward thinking businesses who can offer a dog-friendly environment. The opportunity to bring dogs into work stops the need for employees to worry about how their dog is coping at home.

Top dog-friendly flexible workspaces:

Finding the right flexible office space can become a difficult task if you require a dog-friendly environment. We’ve hand-picked some of the top flexible offices available in today’s market.

Dog friendly office - Hatton Gardens, EC1:

A comprehensively design-led yet highly functional work environment awaits businesses at this prime location in EC1. Companies can enjoy incredible features including exposed brickwork, inspirational artwork, glass partitioning and the dog-friendly policy. The open plan feel, and environment presents the perfect opportunity to enjoy your working hours with your dog. Regular events take place every week including cheese & wine tasting, business panels, summer BBQ parties and Perkbox treats.

Dog friendly office - Broadwick Street, Soho:

Exceptionally well located for all commutes, not only does this newly refurnished centre hold a dog-friendly policy, the stylish interior, welcoming reception and open-plan breakout space makes the ideal environment for dogs.

Dog friendly office - Euston, NW1:

Dynamic flexible workspaces can be found within the walls of this iconic Art Deco building that has retained many of its original features. A friendly reception team are on hand throughout the day to meet and greet clients.

The building has been uniquely designed to offer a dog-friendly environment along with fantastic facilities to match. An onsite glorious courtyard provides your dog with daily run about, while a spacious breakout space and collaborative spaces ensures all dogs have the world of the office space to explore.

Dog friendly office - Shoreditch, EC2:

Perfectly located in the hipster-hub of Shoreditch, this sixties-retro converted warehouse offers a choice of funky workspace solutions that are anything but off-the-peg. In fact, Curtain Road houses a fabulous onsite coffee shop exclusively for clients - a brilliant space to meet, share ideas, network and hold events.

It’s somewhere you’ll want to spend time, somewhere your clients will love, and somewhere your business can grow. Its urban-cool interiors have a laid-back industrial vibe with exposed brick work and coffered ceilings revealing the stainless-steel air-conditioning system and pipework.

If your business is searching for a dog-friendly flexible workspace, contact Office Freedom’s dedicated team of sales consultants to get your search under way.