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Office Freedom
Office Freedom
  • 1 Minute Read
  • 21st April 2017

What is pro-working?

Pro-working is the new workspace buzzword on everyone’s lips and it’s the latest trend to hit the market. But what actually is it? And how exactly does it differ to co-working? We reveal all…

1.‘Pro’ is for professional

Pro-working was created to fill a gap in the market that appeared last year, when the co-working trend hit its peak. Many long-established and professional businesses became conscious of the benefits that sharing a workspace has to offer: collaboration, networking and exchanging skills and knowledge. The problem they faced was that many locations on the market just didn’t fit with their identity; they were geared towards younger, more informal startups and lacked a formal space in which to meet clients. Pro-working is targeted at professionals who want their workspace to match their image. Think of it as co-working’s mature older sibling.

2. It's about style- but not over substance

Pro-working offices are designed to a high specification. Expect neutral tones, stylish fittings and a gallery of artwork adorning the walls. Although ‘look’ is important, value is also placed on the wellbeing of residents. As an example, the pro-working space featured below filters low white noise into their building, muting distracting noises like conversations and the ringing of telephones, allowing residents to concentrate. As well as deskspace, there is also a gym, on-site restaurant and a library, offering a quiet place to relax, read or work.

3. All the business benefits

The ‘pro’ in pro-working can also stand for productivity. Services you’d expect in a co-working or serviced office are included in a pro-working space, as well as ‘high-end’ features you’d find in a hotel, like a concierge service. That means things like utilities, rates, internet and tea & coffee are included with the rent in a monthly fee. Check out FORA's brand new pro-working space in Clerkenwell...

Perks include:

- Members’ club style service

- Hotel style hospitality

- Stylishly curated shared and private spaces

- Flexible terms: 30 day rolling contract

- Access to the entire London network

What is pro-working

Office necessities like photocopying are included.

What is pro-working

Most pro-working spaces have shared areas and private partitioned offices.

What is pro-working

Residents can hire out an event space for networking and seminars.

What is pro-working

The adjoining restaurant is run by top chef Stevie Parle- residents get a discount on dining.

Prices start from £375 per month for an unreserved hot desk.

Is pro-working perfect for your business? Call us on 0800 524 4315 and we'll match you with offices in your chosen location.