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Kal Vaughan
Kal Vaughan
  • 5 Minute Read
  • 27th March 2013

What is the ultimate office desk?

At Search Office Space, we know that almost everyone uses the same style of boring, wood effect office desk, except a chosen few.

But just imagine for a minute, you’ve made it to the top, successful, in charge, living life to the fullest. All the money you’ve earned has allowed you to indulge in all that life has to offer.

The time has come to add that touch of life to your office décor and you’re looking for it to be an extravagant one.

Money is no object, and being the full blooded executive that you are, it will have to be an extravagant purchase that displays your colourful persona to anyone lucky enough to walk into your office.

And so we pose the question to you, what type of office desk would you choose and why?

Search Office Space investigates…


Contemporary office desks

Clean, sculptured lines will bring an air of culture and sophistication into your office space. If you’re lucky enough, your colleagues may consider you to be someone of a cultured and refined orientation. If they don’t, at least the people who don’t know you will.

The Volna Table

Volna Desk

Designed by Nuvist, the Turkish design studio, the Volna Table is a sophisticated and elegant piece of timeless furniture, which will imbue your office with an air of high art.

This luxurious and contemporary office desk explores continuous form, and appears to have a gravity defying structure; drawing the observer in for further analysis.


The Max Ingrand Desk

Max Ingrad Desk123

Conceived by French designer and artist Max Ingrand back in 1966, this sculpture-like, contemporary office desk fuses art and functionality into single form.

While its stainless steel construction may feel cold to the touch, its industrial-chic look will draw an admiring gaze from anyone lucky enough to be visiting your office.


Motorsports office desks

Aggressive, petrolhead lines will help to inject your office environment with a dynamic twist; giving credence to your business acumen that displays your 'outside of the box' approach in business (literally.)

The Mini Desk

Mini Desk123

You won’t have to worry about finding the best car parking spot in the lot any longer with this Mini office desk.

This made-on-demand, fully customisable office desk comes complete with working stereo, horn, hazard lights, headlights, as well as a choice of leather, wood, metal or coloured vinyl desk top surface coverings.

To top it all off, the driver can also choose their own custom paint job as well as their own personalised number plate.


Chevrolet Corvette office desk


Little is known about this one-off Corvette office desk, other than its creator, Brian Bauer was a big Corvette fan who one day decided to bring his car into the office, literally!

The desk features a solid glass top as a working surface and can be purchased online for $2000. Careful though, your insurance premium may go up!


Aeronautical office desks

Sleek, highly polished lines will reflect your contemplative and analytical approach to your business endeavours, which have already transported you to dizzying heights.

G2 Gulfstream Desk

G2123 gulf

This minimalist, aviation inspired executive office desk, utilises the actual wing of a G2 Gulfstream airplane. The desk’s intriguing aeronautical design is the perfect conversation starter and a great way to break the ice in those awkward initial meetings.

The desk features a removable hardened glass top, comes available in a range of custom desk sizes ranging from eight to fifteen feet and is constructed entirely from aircraft materials.

Air hostess’ are not included.


Douglas DC-8 Cowling Reception Desk

Douglas DC-8 Cowling Reception Desk123

If there was ever a time to be sucked into your work, that time would be now, with this jet engine reception desk giving you high altitude office decor, without breaking the sound barrier.

Fashioned from the aluminium housing of a Douglas DC-8 Cowling jet engine, - the first civilian jet to break the sound barrier in 1961 - this mirror polished desk will be a sleek yet functional addition to your office decor.

The desk makes use of the engine's old inlet valves, giving it that authentic touch, while its encompassing steeped facade provides a comfortable degree of privacy in your office space.

The desk features a stylish maple interior with its substantial black plexiglass desk surface providing a sturdy, polished base for all your office endevours.


Wooden office desks

Natural materials reflect your down to earth approach and worldly touch. From the root up, your grounded business acumen perfectly marriages your uncanny knack of forecasting long-term business strategies, which are sure to stand the test of time.


The Streamliner Conference Table


Constructed from reclaimed hardwood railroad timbers and rail track, this custom, highly individual piece of office furniture literally brings history back to life.

Featuring a toughened glass top and integrated AV console built into the centre column (not visible), the desk fuses modern office functionality with century old materials, making them relevant and complimentary even in today's modern office environment. Conceived by Rail Yard Studios, every desk is unique in its own right, and comes with its own individual cataloged record.


The Admiral Executive Desk


Like a boss? If your ultimate office desk has to make a grossly exuberant statement, with underpinnings of ultimate corporate power, then look no further.

Your office space will smell of rich mahogany, and exude an air of high executive living. Your visitors will be left with an lasting impression they are not likely to forget.


Extreme office desks

Your willing to push the boundaries of office space design to breaking point and you don't care who knows it. Trend setter and go-getter are a few names your fellow office colleagues may call you, but to many you are known as an office space legend.

Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Desk

han-solo-frozen-carbonite-desk-xl (1)

Billed by intergalactic desk creators, Tom Spina Designs as the coolest office desk in the galaxy, this ultimate example of a Star Wars collectible, could actually live up to the billing.

The Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite desk features a metal and fibreglass construction, with toughened 1/2" thick glass top and glowing orange 'Cloud City' themed side panels.

On the 5th March 2011, the desk was auctioned by owner Mark Hall, who donated all the proceeds ($10,500) to the World Vision charity organisation.

The Executive Desk


They'll be no need to gear up for work in the mornings, this desk will do it for you. Featuring actual working gears, this desk is the brain child of artist and creator, Dale Mathis, who fashioned the desks fully functional gears from wood designed to look like metal. The desk has caused quite a stir in Dale's native homeland, receiving major press coverage.