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Clare Hudson
Clare Hudson
  • 1 Minute Read
  • 06th July 2011

What will become of Denbigh Hospital- the grade 2 Victorian listed building?

The former psychiatric hospital and listed Victorian property in North Wales has been left to decay since its closure in 1995.

Denbighshire Council recently confirmed it was following procedures which would hopefully result in a compulsory purchase after fears that the building’s condition was getting worse.

According to the BBC, contractors began work on the former psychiatric hospital 2 weeks ago after the council claimed the property’s current owner failed to act on its urgent works notice.

Colin Hughes, county and Denbigh town councillor, said: "As far as local people feel, ownership has to be relinquished one way or another, because progress has been absent for far too long.

After the closure of the hospital in 1995, the site was sold for £155, 000 in 1999 to a businessman from Lancashire after initial bids of 1 million were refused.

Unfortunately after it was sold, many of the property’s unique features were taken away such as valuable wooden floors and cast iron radiators. The majority of the surrounding farm land was also sold off in order to gain maximum return from the investment.

Planning problems then occurred and the site was sold at an auction to Acebench Investments for £310, 000. Finally, in 2004, The Price of Wales added the building to his charity, the Phoenix Trust.

There were plans to build up to 280 homes and facilities for businesses and communities. However in 2008, the main hall in the building was completely destroyed due to a fire.


Source: Council could force purchase of former Denbigh Hospital