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Tammy Newell
Tammy Newell
  • 2 Minute Read
  • 08th February 2012

What Your Office Really Wants: 8 Top Tips for a Better Business

Managers take heed!! Are you employees lacking motivation? Does your business need to perform at a higher level? Don’t panic, as has 8 Top Tips that will help you on your way to a better business, but remember, its up to you as the employer to ensure your office workers get what they need – and don’t worry, its a not a pay rise!


1. Give Your Employees A Mission

Bigger, better, faster, stronger – we all know that striving towards something makes working actually worth it. Communicate with your employees and give them a mission, something they can get their teeth into, it will provide them with a sense of purpose, after all, no one wants to feel unappreciated.

2. Targets and Goals

Setting specific goals and targets will create friendly competition

within . Rewards are also a big part of hitting targets, so make sure there is something

in it for the winner. Even mundane, every day tasks can be made fun, and the prize could simply be a chocolate bar, or vouchers – it’s the incentive that matters.

3. Employee Input

One of the most frustrating things for employees is when their manager or boss doesn’t listen to their ideas. If you take the time to listen, you may be pleasantly surprised, after all, employees aren’t robots, they have a brain just like you, and can often provide an outside perspective.

4. Freedom

Not to be taken too literally, but freedom is known to breed productivity. Working within tight restraints often creates frustration and stress. Giving your employees the freedom to work the way they know best can be beneficial for all.

5. Prioritise Expectations

If your employee is doing their job well, they will have prioritised their tasks – however, as the boss, you will have more inside knowledge concerning the ever-changing priorities of your business. Make sure you communicate these to your employee – we’re not mind readers! Priorities and expectations can change on a weekly or even daily basis, just ensure that you communicate this efficiently and there shouldn’t be a problem.

6. Leave Favouritism in the Playground

It’s almost impossible to treat every employee the same, it is however, hugely important to treat every employee fairly. Being consistent is key here – and the only way to do this is to communicate. If you explain to employees why certain decisions have been made, they are less likely to assume that you are picking favourites or treating workers differently.

7. Build Connections

Believe it or not, many of your employees are not just in it for the pay check, most of us want to be part of a company and team, thus building a career that’s for life. With this in mind, it’s in your best interest to take an interest in your employees. Take the time to have some one-on-one chats and ask about their lives, or if they are happy at work. It goes down well.

8. Future Prospects

No one will put 100% into their work if they know that the job is a dead end road. Make sure that your employees have a future, whether its within your company, or outside. Helping to develop the skills your employees need for the future is mutually beneficial, remember, workers will care about your business if you show that you care about them. Simple!

If you follow these 8 Top Tips, it’s likely that your business will perform at a higher level, and your staff will be happier, content and motivated in the long term.

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