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Anna Duggal
Anna Duggal
  • 2 Minute Read
  • 16th July 2014

Why Multi-Network Mobile Solutions are important for business

Our friends at Carphone Warehouse Business share their expert knowledge, in this new blog, to help businesses manage their mobile tariffs more effectively. David Khan, from the Carphone Warehouse Business team, introduces a new approach to get better network coverage with multi-network accounts, and outlines the benefits of testing all the networks before you commit to a contract with a free Multi-Network SIM card pack.

"When considering mobile network coverage, a one network solution for your business may not always be the best option. Your company, as a whole, may not have all employees in one location or you may have many that are out on the road and, having no signal, or weak coverage can mean a loss of vital business.

Choosing one network for your company's mobile solution, especially if you have multiple office locations, can lead to poor quality calls in some locations, so a multiple network solution could be the answer.

Multi-network phone solutions

We at Carphone Warehouse Business sits apart from the high street chain, focusing solely on business communication solutions. We provide expert knowledge and the best deals that are tailored to your company needs. In addition we are able to offer solutions to coverage issues by providing a multi-network contract under one business account. Sticking to just one network may not work for your business so this unique proposition is the ideal alternative.

This flexible approach allows us to work with your decision makers on a coverage solution to ensure key managers and directors have network coverage where they need it most, be that at home or at the office. Our long standing relationship that we have with all the major UK networks gives us a great overall perspective of different network strengths and issues.

Testing coverage with free multi-SIM packs

You can now get rid of an network coverage problems and find the best networks for your business by trying before you buy with our free SIM card pack. This will help you find the best network for your business but will also help you decide if you need a multi-network business package. Our free multi-SIM pack is also commitment free.

The pack comes with a SIM card for each of the major networks so you can test each network and see for yourself which network has the best coverage for each aspect of your business. If you need us we will be on hand to work closely with you right through from the initial enquiry through to a suitable resolution, giving you the confidence to get a seamless switch in services where necessary.

We understands how important your company mobile phones are and aim to handle queries quickly and efficiently. And we are constantly learning and being trained on the latest technology in the market so we have the knowledge and experience to help you take advantage of the best services, such as 4G.

We at Carphone Warehouse Business deals with all UK networks, so you can feel assured that the advice you will receive will be fully impartial, focused on your business needs and at a competitive price, to give you the best value for money whether it's a single or multi-network deal."

We all know how important our phones, video calling and instant messaging are for business, and we are really trying to make that communication easier. By offering multi network packages for business, we make it easier for you to coordinate your team whether they are constantly on the move or in the office with the best network for every employee, whilst keeping the overhead down. So, if you haven't already thought about this, maybe it's something you should look into today!