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Office Freedom
Office Freedom
  • 2 Minute Read
  • 27th August 2009

Why Serviced Offices Are Cheaper Than Traditional Office Space

Renting an office can be a cost prohibitive venture, especially for sole proprietor businesses, or other types of small companies. However, there is a better solution, one that can be tailor made to fit the needs of businesses that need an office, but do not need it full time. Serviced office space is measured in 'price per workstation' rather than 'square feet', which is a much cheaper way to apportion office space sharing facilities, such as corridors, kitchens and meeting spaces than traditional office space. That is because you don't have to include them in the total amount of space required, and that will lead you to needing less office space.

Serviced office space contains workstations, kitchens, and meeting rooms. Often, the facilities are paid for only as you use them, and at a much lower fee than renting a typical office would be. Let's face it, how many times a month will you actually use a meeting room? When you rent traditional office space, you are paying for facilities that you may not use enough to even justify the cost. But by using serviced office space that has a meeting room, you can easily reserve the room for when it is convenient for you and your business, and only pay for it as you use it.

When you have your own office, the cost of the rent is only one aspect. Add to that the installation of telephone lines, internet connections and networking points. Office equipment is a pricey investment. Another cost to consider is a cleaning service. Maintenance and repairs are even more costs to consider. Serviced office providers generally offer shorter lease terms than traditional office spaces. This is a benefit, especially if you are a small company that is just starting out and uncertain about entering into a long-term (and what could be very costly) commitment. Serviced office space can grow with you, or it can be downsized much more easily, no matter which direction your business takes.

Often, but not always, serviced office space is well located. Close proximity to tube stations, car parks and central business districts can are important factors for most businesses. Proximity to good transport links can make them a more cost effective choice than traditional offices.

Many serviced office providers will also be able to put you in touch with other services that you can utilise. Telephone answering services, franking and postal forwarding services are great tools to have, and they can be another cost efficient way to run your business. Telephone answering services can answer the phone, take messages and even take client orders, and then can forward the messages to you via voice mail or email. Postal forwarding is another convenient service. Mail can be sent to your business address that is within the business centre that you are using. It can then be sent to you at another address, or held at your office until you pick it up. Many serviced office providers even provide free tea and coffee for your office space.

Overall, serviced offices can provide a cost effective way to run your business in a professional manner. Renting a traditional office and adding all the rest of the costs for equipment, staffing and maintaining can be out of reach for many start up companies or small business owners. Finding a choice address in a well-located business centre and using a serviced office space will keep overheads low. Using a serviced office space is more often than not cheaper than the traditional kind.