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Office Freedom
Office Freedom
  • 2 Minute Read
  • 14th October 2016

Why should I choose a serviced office?

Perfect for every type of business

Traditional office leases are a dying breed. With an array of start-ups cropping up every year and corporate businesses expanding at whirlwind rates, more and more people are going for the most flexible option: serviced office space. What makes serviced office space the superior option?

Serviced office space is proving popular with businesses for three main reasons: facilities, flexibility and freedom. Start-ups in their infancy are unpredictable: one minute they require three desk spaces, the next a whole floor- leases need to facilitate this.

Running your company from a serviced office is also the most cost-effective option. A recent survey by the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply revealed that overall savings of up to 78% were made in the serviced option.

Transparent, ‘no strings’ costs and instant access to facilities and services mean a workforce can get down to business as soon as they move into the building. Workspaces are fully furnished, well equipped and already have essentials like ICT infrastructure installed, making the move to a serviced office a seamless one.

So what does a serviced office include exactly?

Serviced office space infographic

Flexible leasing

Conventional leases of a year or more just aren’t a viable option for most businesses anymore. You can rent a serviced office space for a little as one month, making it perfect for small projects.

There’s always the option to extend of course, and some clients decide to stay put for a few years. The flexible nature of serviced offices means that you can move in instantly- little or no planning ahead is required.

A fixed monthly cost and no upfront additional fees mean that this is not only the most faff-free, but the most cost-effective option.

Office Space in Mile End Road, Whitechapel, E1

Situated in the diverse creative hub of East London, this space offers leases starting from 1 month at only £349.

Top-notch services

A serviced office is a bit like a hotel in the sense that most amenities and facilities are included in the cost. Services include: reception support, conference equipment and space, catering services, training services, networking opportunities and events.

Many serviced office providers also offer ‘memberships’ that allow you to use office space in different locations across the country or even the world.

London office reception

In-house receptionists and PAs know your business and are on-hand to meet and greet clients.

All mod cons

Serviced offices are fitted out with everything you need to hit the ground running straight away. They are pre-furnished with contemporary and classic interiors (which can be easily adapted to suit your company’s needs or tastes).

Up-to-date, fully installed IT and telephony infrastructure is included in the package, as well as cleaning services. In many cases you’ll be able to access your office 24/7.

ice Space in Corsham Street, Old Street, N1

This co-working serviced office on Old Street offers outstanding services and facilities, plus extras like micro-roasted coffee and *free beer*!

Whether you’re after an individual space or an entire floor, our consultants at Search Office Space are here to help you on your journey to finding the best serviced office, free of charge.

With 800 serviced offices in London alone, we’re all about freedom of choice.