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Hannah Parry
Hannah Parry
  • 1 Minute Read
  • 02nd September 2011

Workers choose fun over money


A fun atmosphere or a better salary – what would you choose? Recent research from recruitment agency Adecco reveals that almost three quarters of British employees would rather work in a fun than receive a higher salary.

Andy Powell, director at Adecco, states that "Employers should take heart from the fact workers we surveyed value a fun working environment over pay" as this brings about loyalty and a higher level of commitment.

The poll, comprising 1,000 office workers in the UK, concluded that 86% value a fun and happy atmosphere, and 70% admitted to having worked in an where the employer had neglected to create a “fun spirit”.

As a result of this research, Adecco has launched The Workplace Games in order to promote fun team activities in the workplace. Led by hurdler Colin Jackson, the aim is to create friendly competition between the workers through office-based challenges.

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