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Office Freedom
Office Freedom
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  • 17th July 2012

Working from home; a rough guide - 17.07.2012

Equip your work space with all the mod cons

Working from home has struggled to shake off its reputation as a skiver’s paradise. However, growing interest in prestigious virtual office addresses, as well as the ever increasing sophistication of technology has made the process simpler. Increasing travel costs and Olympic meltdown have acted as a further catalyst to the removal of this stigma.

If these problems sound familiar, it may be time for a serious re-appraisal of your business property. And what better way to maintain, or even increase the profile of your organization, than with virtual office rental from Search Office Space in some of the capital’s most prestigious corporate centres.


Staff are given a level of flexibility not available for office workers. School runs, doctors’ appointments and unexpected travel delays can all be factored in to a working schedule without disrupting the office timetable. Productivity can be increased by the removal of the time and stress of the commute, while employees with more technical set ups are free to work without moving complex and bulky hardware.


Employees have to be trusted to work efficiently and according to company protocol. Despite the multitude of communication means, and videoconferencing in particular, there is still no substitute for a face to face discussion. Employees will also have to get used to the diminished social aspect and work out their own home/work dichotomy to ensure the distinctions are not blurred.


10 top tips for getting the most out of working from home:

1. Structure your day as if you were going to work

2. Inform friends and family members of the times you intend to be working

3. Relax, but not too much

4. Dedicate an office space that can be closed off from the rest of the house

5. Keep all your essentials handy

6. Have multiple means of access to your work

7. Have a comprehensive communication network

8. Stay sane through communication and exercise

9. Tidy your work space at the end of each day

10. Enjoy yourself