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Clare Hudson
Clare Hudson
  • 1 Minute Read
  • 23rd May 2011

Wuhan New Energy Center- The world’s most sustainable office building

The Wuhan New Energy Centre (also known as the Energy Flower), part of the research centre for Wuhan University in China is the world’s most sustainable building.

The property has been designed to resemble a lily and features a 140 meter tower in the centre with smaller towers around the edge, covered in vegetation.

The central tower expands into a huge bowl shape which collects rainwater and is coated in solar panels which soak up the sun, similar to an actual plant. There is also a wind turbine at the centre of the building and a 120 meter solar chimney, to maximize natural ventilation. The rim of the bowl acts as a sunroof to either heat or cool down the property.

The Netherlands based engineering company, Grontmij in collaboration with the architectural firm Soeters Van Eldonk were the masterminds behind the Wuhan New Energy Centre. The property is expected to become the world’s first office building to receive a BREEAM rating of ‘Outstanding’.

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