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Office Space for Rent in Av. das Nações Unidas

Sao Paulo | Ref 12539


We focus on installation and managing 'built to suit' office sites, as well as its daily operations to be settled with the client. So the client´s team is able to pay attention on its daily business and leaves all the back office tasks to us.

We invest and manage the fitting out of the office space as follows:

+ no client upfront investment needed,
+ building site is selected following client specifications,
+ does coordinate architectural designs to meet client layout and equipment quality standards,
+ supplies office furniture,
+ offers dedicated main entrance to its office space,
+ does manage site construction, refurbishing, cabling, carpets installation etc.,
+ does follow client requirements on IT field as well as telecom specs,
+ phone lines and internet access installation
+ complete coffee area (includes coffee and water filter equipment)
+ any other investment required by client.

And after site is started up and client employees are working on the site, EXEC manages the daily operations:
+ coordinates cleaning and maintenance jobs
+ coffee machine if required
+ reception services if required
+ client pays only one bill, with no need to keep control on: rent and condominium expenses, electricity bill, building taxes, parking, etc