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ADsorbed is a marketing and growth agency that specialises in helping businesses acquire new customers profitably using various marketing funnels and strategies. They help e-commerce, real estate-based, and financial services businesses scale their operations by ensuring consistent client acquisition.

The Challenge

ADsorbed experienced growth as a company, and the owners felt it was time to move into their own office. However, they had never been in an office before, having started their business out of university. They needed a place that was relatively near to their location, with quick access to Central London. However, they were unsure of where to start and how to go about finding the right office space.

The Outcome

Tyler remembered meeting Richard and a couple of his colleagues at a networking event in Mayfair, where they told him about the Office Freedom business model. He was impressed that Office Freedom would represent him without any cost and help him save money on rent. Once he reached out to Office Freedom, they took care of everything, and everything they said came to fruition. Demi, the consultant assigned to Tyler's case, organised all his viewings and attended two of the three viewings with Tyler.

I was happy with the service that I received from Office Freedom, and I would recommend their services to anyone looking for office space. I appreciated how they negotiated on my behalf and found our team the right office space based on our requirements. It was so easy to work with the team and, I was pleased with how they took care of everything.

The Approach

Tyler and his partner Jamie were curious as to what their best options were, so they started their search online. They searched various terms on Google about office space in the area and found a few options. However, they realised that there were so many options, and they needed to narrow down their search to their specific requirements. They couldn't search the entire market themselves, and they needed a service that could help them find the right space without any cost.

The Solution – Set for Success

Tyler was impressed with Office Freedom's business model, which was built around their relationships with office providers. They negotiated heavy savings on Tyler's behalf, and he did not have to pay them anything. Tyler was pleased with how the team took care of everything and made the process of finding the right office space seamless.

Tyler Smith, Director & CEO at ADsorbed

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