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Clientshare is a software company that helps large businesses retain their clients. The software helps companies run reviews, get feedback and measure the health of their client relationships. Clientshare itself has around 30 staff, all based in London.

Clientshare first met Office Freedom when looking for their first office for a team of only 5 people. A few years later, the business had grown and they required a second move which Office Freedom were the sole broker instructed for. Once the company had doubled in size from 15 to 30 people it became apparent that they needed to move offices again. Following two successful lease negotiations, the business only wanted to work with Office Freedom to secure them the space.

The Challenge

Clientshare first became aware of Office Freedom via a sales e-mail a few years ago when looking for an initial office space. Very quickly they decided to exclusively look for an office with Office Freedom and since then have used the broker to move offices three times. The most recent move was from Brick Lane, a space found by Office Freedom, to Leman Street. The move came as the Brick Lane lease was coming to an end and the business had grown from 15 to 30 people. Clientshare required a more prominent space to accommodate the business growth. 

The Outcome

Having used Office Freedom before, it was a no brainer to use them again for the third office move. Clientshare were aware of the excellent negotiation skills that Office Freedom have and wanted to use the brokers to negotiate a new lease for them. Initially this was intended to be in the same location but after reviewing options with Office Freedom it was decided that Clientshare would move to a new office building to suit their changing business needs.

I was particularly impressed with the fact that Jon came in for the visits. He knew all the facilities incredibly well. He knew the people very well… we were being looked after by professionals throughout the whole experience

The Approach

Clientshare wanted to work with Office Freedom again for this most recent move for the speed at which they work, their excellent negotiation skills and also the personal and expert guidance provided. Not many brokers attend every viewing with clients but Office Freedom do which makes a world of difference. Office Freedom were provided a shortlist of 11 properties which Clientshare narrowed down to 5. After viewing all 5 of these properties, the process in deciding on the final property was very quick and Office Freedom managed the lease term negotiations rapidly from there.

One of the most impressive aspects of working with Office Freedom for this office move was that all of the viewing times were arranged for Clientshare’s convenience. It was also important to find an office space with the right facilities, so Office Freedom’s breadth of offer was also a huge help in finding the perfect space.

The Solution – Set for Success

Without Office Freedom, Clientshare would not have managed to find the exact office location and size which met all of their needs. Having a broker to offer plenty of choice made decision making easier as it sped up the initial process of finding a shortlist of offices to view.

Through three different office moves, the relationship between the two businesses has been professional, knowledgeable and enjoyable. Office Freedom have enabled Clientshare to grow at their own pace and find a new office space every few years to suit their changing needs. Office Freedom provided a service that Clientshare would be unable to do on their own, lending their expertise to reach the ideal lease terms and price for the business. The professional way in which Office Freedom works has created a great working relationship between the two businesses which will continue as Clientshare continues to grow. 

James Ward, Managing Director at Clientshare

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