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FloQast is an accounting software vendor based in California that accelerates the accounting processes by an average of three days by streamlining and automating common accounting workflows. FloQast are globally recognised and work with major corporations including the LA Lakers, Zoom, Shopify, and many more.

FloQast has offices in the UK and US and has used Office Freedom’s services three times already. They returned each time for the smooth, clear, and trusted service we provide. This time it was a big move, looking for a space to embody their new headquarters. Initially, FloQast was looking for a space to suit a team of five people, with enough room to host an eventual 30 people. FloQast were clear on their requirements and the sort of amenities they needed to help their workflow and productivity throughout the working day. The space would have to account for lockers, IT comms, privacy, breakout spaces, and more.


The Challenge

FloQast came to us with the challenge of finding office space that suited their expanding business. It was a big move for them and they were daunted by how big the London office space market is. They required a UK office for their new headquarters in the West End of London that had enough space to account for their growing team as well as efficient transport links to make commuting accessible and quick for colleagues and visiting clients.

The Outcome

After hearing the client's detailed requirements and specific needs, Office Freedom was able to create a shortlist of properties that were suitable. After meeting FloQast on the property viewings, Office Freedom then went ahead and negotiated the best deals on FloQast’s behalf. FloQast were immensely impressed and were keen to go ahead with representation from Office Freedom to help secure their new UK headquarters.

Being knowledgeable, and approachable was a big thing [...] being able to approach Office Freedom with any questions was easy. I didn't feel like I was an idiot not knowing anything in this new market and just felt comfortable.

The Approach

The approach was led by area, as this was the non-negotiable element of the office space. Office Freedom narrowed down spaces in the West End of London that met all of FloQast’s requirements and shortlisted the cream of the crop for them to review that were within budget. 

Once FloQast had decided on their preferred offices, Office Freedom went ahead and arranged viewings that suited the client's schedule to help make the search streamlined and easy. Once the properties had been viewed, Office Freedom went ahead and negotiated the best deals and terms on behalf of the client on the client's preferred office space. Once the agreement on costs and terms and conditions were reviewed, an agreement was reached and presented for signature to complete the process.

The Solution – Set for Success

Office Freedom was always there to be a source to rely on and answer any questions that FloQast had throughout the process. The entire process was transparent, clear, and succinct, offering FloQast real-time comparisons to help them navigate their options.

By engaging Office Freedom, FloQast was able to halve their search time and effort and avoided what would have been an arduous, difficult, and costly process. The incredible saving on time and money has been extremely pivotal to FloQast, and the added bonus of being a free service has been just one of many benefits that have seen FloQast return to Office Freedom again and again. 

Adam Zoucha - Managing Director, FloQast

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