Realway is an e-commerce marketing company focused on selling products on TikTok. The company operates with a young and vibrant team, and the nature of their business requires broadcasting. Realway had previously been operating from a serviced office, but the office environment did not align with the team's culture and needs. Therefore, the company was searching for a new office space to meet the requirements of the team.

The Challenge

Realway had been searching for a new office space for a while and had already looked at traditional lease offices and serviced offices. However, they were struggling to find the ideal location that would meet all their requirements. The company needed a floor office, and the location had to be central to the entire team.

The Outcome

Working with Office Freedom proved to be a successful outcome for Realway. They were pleased with the streamlined process and found the entire experience to be quick and efficient. Office Freedom arranged four property viewings for Realway. All the viewings were streamlined, and Realway was able to make a quick decision to sign the contract in less than a week.

Realway was extremely satisfied with the outcome of working with Office Freedom. They found the entire process to be quick and efficient, and Office Freedom's assistance in negotiations was pivotal in ensuring that they secured their ideal office space. Realway would highly recommend Office Freedom to other companies looking for office spaces.

The Approach

Realway initially searched for office spaces on their own and had already viewed several properties. However, they always felt that they had to compromise on something. Realway found Office Freedom's advertisement on Rightmove and were approached by a consultant in a timely manner when they were in a desperate situation.

The Solution – Set for Success

Office Freedom provided a streamlined process and worked with Realway to find the perfect office space to meet their requirements. The team were instrumental in ensuring that Realway found the ideal office space by providing expert advice and persistence in negotiations.

Anson Yan, Managing Director at Realway

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