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The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust is a charity that aims to start conversations and change the way people protect nature and wildlife in the UK. This is achieved through raising funds which support scientific research to demonstrate what needs to be done to conserve game and wildlife. The findings are then used to influence policymakers in order to make changes.

The main HQ is in Hampshire where all of the scientific research is carried out, as well as owning two farms where more research and demonstrations take place. However, a lot of the business and fundraising side of the charity takes place across Great Britain, and also in London where some events are held.

The Challenge

During the covid pandemic, when many businesses and charities suffered financially, The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust decided to close its London-based office as the majority of staff were working from home. As the economy and life started up again, the team wanted to be together, share office space and use the space effectively to plan and prepare for events. It was important to be positioned somewhere central, with good transport links, allowing the rest of the event's organisers to travel to London easily. Additionally, somewhere easily accessible for the team in Hampshire.

Initially, the search began independently, and then as business picked up and events started once again this became more time-consuming than originally planned. The charity was also unable to work with a commercial agent as they require a fee paid by the client, which was impossible due to a limited budget. Office Freedom came on board as they are completely free and provide a more efficient service allowing the charity more time to focus on fundraising events.

The Outcome

Following the attempt to use a commercial agent, the charity was introduced to Office Freedom due to the free service they provide. With a number of specific locations in mind, Office Freedom were able to create a shortlist of spaces to show The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust which fitted their budget. After a number of days of viewing multiple office spaces, a shortlist of offices was created based on price and specific requirements for the look and feel of the office space.

Having [an agent] on the viewings also meant that they asked all the questions that we would have forgotten to ask and really gave us an informative viewing making the shortlisting very straightforward.

The Approach

Office Freedom separated the potential office spaces by area and set up a day of viewings in each location. After the first day, The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust, were able to give more detailed specifications, and had a good understanding of what was available for within their budget that also matched the look and feel required.

Bearing in mind the volume of office spaces that had been viewed and the tight budget, Office Freedom were able to reassure The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust that they could achieve better rates through negotiations. As a small charity with minimal needs, using a broker allowed the flexibility to choose what was and wasn’t included in the contractual terms. Without certain things like an internal meeting room and looking at smaller office spaces, a more cost-efficient price was achieved, landing close to or under budget. Office Freedom provided a full service including negotiating terms, liaising with managers, overviewing the contractual terms and providing expert advice.

The Solution – Set for Success

Office Freedom were integral in securing our London offices without any additional costs, which was a priority due to us being a charity. They enabled The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust to stay under budget but also find a suitable office which met their aesthetic requirements.

Office Freedom provided an efficient, professional and very positive service from start to finish. Their expert knowledge and guidance throughout the process meant that The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust didn’t need to learn about the commercial property industry as the FAQs were already being asked for us. This took a massive weight off of our shoulders.

Iona Campbell, The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust

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